Sponsored post: Go get NFL Mobile Live

In 13 days, the 2009 NFL season begins.

But we realize that some pro football fans won’t be able to get away with zoning out in front of the television for six-plus hours on 17 consecutive Sunday afternoons, followed by three more hours watching NBC’s Sunday Night Football, on NBC.  (Brought to you by NBC.)

So you need to have a way to follow the NFL, if you’re unwilling to risk further marital disharmony.

How about getting Sprint’s NFL Mobile Live?  It’s the only official wireless application from the National Football League, and it includes a host of features that will drain your battery long before you grow bored.

Most importantly, you can follow the action of every game in real time (preseason, too), and you can track the stats of the players on your fantasy team.

Also, there’s plenty of content from PFT, including an RSS-style feed featuring most of our stories and all PFTV segments.

Sprint, if you’re just emerging from a 20-year nap, is the official telecommunications partner of PFT.

Then again, if you’re just emerging from a 20-year nap, what the hell are you doing here?  Go scrub your face and armpits.