Favre factor hasn't lifted blackout threat

It has been widely assumed that the signing of quarterback Brett Favre has guaranteed that selling tickets to home games won’t be an issue for the Minnesota Vikings.

And that assumption might turn out to be wrong.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post recently identified several teams as having potential issues in avoiding local blackouts.  One of those teams is the Vikings.

According to Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the surge in sales upon Favre’s arrival was short-lived.  More than 1,000 season-tickets are still unsold, said Vikings executive Steve LaCroix.

“Obviously the signing [of Favre] was a unique circumstance that
created significant activity in several areas, and we appreciate the
amount of interest it generated,” LaCroix told Zulgad.  “We feel comfortable
with where we are in regards to our first two home games [against San
Francisco and Green Bay], but we still have some work to do [selling
tickets] on the remaining games.”

The other teams definitely staring at blackouts are the Jaguars (who expect every home game to not be seen on local television) and the Chargers.  The Raiders, 49ers, Lions, Rams, and Bengals also might face periodic challenges.

23 responses to “Favre factor hasn't lifted blackout threat

  1. dam Florio you must hate the vikings or love hatin on favre. Either way, write something about real sports news stop inventing stuff. Hack

  2. But but but.. I thought the Vikings were the best team to ever walk the face of the Earth now they have Favre? I mean, listening to some of the Vikings fans talk on this here board, this team is for sure going to win the division, clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs and win the Superbowl all while going undefeated now that they have Favre. Right? Guys?
    ::pause to catch my breath::

  3. Moving tickets in this economy isn’t going to be easy. It isn’t a matter of who is on your team, it is just economic reality. So many people are tightening budgets, or worse, have lost employment, that going to a game is just too much of a luxury to consider. After all, it isn’t cheap to go to a game, and the reality is that, unless you live in the immediate area, you get one of the best seats in the stadium right at home, watching in hi-def. If you are watching Dallas, you can even watch the stadium TV on your TV!
    The only problem is that when you watch at home, you are guaranteed to have annoying people next to you who insist on talking about the most inane stuff all game long (your wonderful announcers). I remember a game they did once with absolutely no announcers, just stadium noise. It was either an experiment or the network trying to prove to audiences that the announcers are necessary. Loved it, and was actually able to explain a bit about football to my family without the distraction of the announcers.

  4. Whoa whoa whoa!! Florio quit being a douche (I’ve had a couple therefore I am now more pissed at Florio than I normally would be). Did you ever consider that these non-sold season tickets is a failed or, at least poorly executed sales strategy by the Vikings mgmt team. Take a look at the single game tickets. Can you get any?!?!?!
    The Viks have how many consecutive sell outs? Don’t f–kin worry about it Dick!!

  5. Last I heard a sellout is defined as selling 95% of non-premium seats. So if only 1,000 – 2,000 seats are unsold I doubt there’s any chance of a blackout.

  6. SpartaChris,
    Do you generally find it amazing that fans of a team believe that their team will do well?
    I’ve always considered my time cheering for the Vikings, season after season, a sort of masochistic endeavor. Although I hope and want them to do well, in the back of my mind I know better than to allow myself to be disappointed by high expectations. I think most fans are like this, and especially Vikings fans. That doesn’t, though, stop us from wanting our team to do well and, on a site that allows visitors to comment about their team, it should be expected that fans — again, I’ll reiterate the word fans — talk about their teams in high regard.
    If you would like further explanation, I’d love to explain in more layman’s terms; I’ve had a lot of practice tonight, as I had to explain to my 1-year-old daughter why it isn’t okay to poop in the bathtub. I’m sure this experience would help me better explain, in detail, why your comment is really stupid.
    And to add my opinion on the Favre debate, which is the opinion of most fans: he’s better than what we currently have. I think next year Sage will be ready to take the helm, but for now, I’ll take Favre for the sole reason that we don’t have anything else. Do I think he is the best choice? Of course not. Do I think he’ll do alright? Not sure, but I do feel as though there are more people, including Vikings fans, expecting him to do terrible — for that reason alone, I suspect he won’t do too bad, at least not as bad as most people think.
    I think the fact that the Vikings still aren’t selling out shows that fans aren’t completely sold on Favre, contrary to the opinions of people like SpartaChris.

  7. Yep, businesses hoard the remaining tickets.
    Just WIN, Baby! Everything else will take care of itself.

  8. Some time between games 4 and 6 the Viking fans are going to realize that both Sage and T-Jack were better players than the unmotivated ‘has been’ that they have brought in to resurrect their team. That is if Favre isn’t injured and sidelined or changes his mind again and retires before that time.

  9. @Tabemaju
    It’s obvious you don’t pay much attention to the comments here or elsewhere from Vikings fans, or else you’d get my sarcasm.
    Cheering for your team to do well is one thing. I would hope every fan of every team would cheer for their team to do well and hopes their team wins the Super Bowl.
    It’s another thing to anoint yourselves as champions simply because you signed one guy before the pre-season starts. If you take a look around, that’s precisely what Vikings fans have been doing this whole offseason.

  10. The Vikes are superbowl bound no doubt, I dont know how many vikings fans have reminded me of that; so I guess it’s true. Inked in folks get your Lorin Park, Minneapolis SB parade tickets now, don’t let them slip through the cracks! Sausage party in Minneapolis!

  11. You mentioned the Raiders as potentially lagging sales. Reading Jerry McDonalds blog on CCTimes http://www.ibabuzz.com/oaklandraiders/2009/08/29/postgame-wrap-3/
    it indicates 34,000 tickets were sold for the game (only 10,000 showed); that has to be an indication on how many season tix have been sold for the season. down from the high 40,000’s last year, I’d say Oakland is facing a huge blackout problem (fyi stadium holds 63,000)

  12. The Stribe article notes that 247 of 256 games were televised on local television last year – those are favorable odds. Every Vikes game since 1998 has been on local t.v. Add Favre and a few early wins . . . give me a break, fools. EVERY Vikes game will be on the tube this year. Better yet, just go to the Dome and see it first hand . . . scalp a ticket outside for a fraction of the price (this is possible anywhere, including Lambeau . . . don’t believe the hype!).
    Whether it’s Favre, Sage or Jackson, this is a good team. Super Bowl? Who the F knows? They’ll be fun to watch no matter what . . . especially on Oct. 5 and Nov. 1.

  13. You want to talk about a masochistic endeavor ? Try being a Lions fan for the last 40 years or the Packers from the 70’s to the early 90’s. What gets me is most of the Favre haters are on their second QB, most of them are to young to remember how bad the Packers were until Brett and Reggie showed up. The Chargers have had a pretty damn good Team for years and they still have the threat of Blackouts each week. Maybe moving the Vikings to L.A. would help but I doubt it.

  14. I have been harsh on the Viking fans previously but now is the time to give them their due. Who wants to spend their hard earned money watching a 40 year old greybeard and his puppet, the bald stooge, in the cozy confines of the world’s biggest toilet bowl throw yet another season down the drain? I give the fans credit for protesting this abomination (the coach, the team, the stadium-take your pick) in the most effective means possible, with their wallets.
    Contrary to popular belief, Col Klink wasn’t the happiest person in Mpls to see Brent Farve arrive, it was General Mills, Target and 3-M, the companies that the Vikings always lean on every Wednesday to buy up some extra tickets to avoid the dreaded blackout. These poor companies couldn’t even get relief after the Vikings won a divisional title and actually had a home playoff game (which in true Viking tradition, they promptly lost)
    Is it any wonder that Ziggy’s favorite song on his I-pod is Randy Newman’s, “I Love LA”

  15. All you Vikings fans that think you’re going to the Super Bowl….have you seen Aaron Rogers play this year, and the new Packer defense. The Pack is’nt going to just lay down and let you win. Can’t wait til they play each other. Favre doesn’t care about the Vikings or their fans, he cares about revenge. I’m sure he’s laughing all the way to the bank. $750,000 a game. The Vikings are fools!!

  16. florio,
    you yourself have reported in the past that tv stations will buy up the extra tickets so they can televise the game. It’s only a thousand tickets. Why are you wasting our time with this if you won’t point out the obvious. It’s a non-story. There will not be any blackouts.
    Congratulations on driving a bunch more hits to your site and driving away potential future visits. Think, think, do I click the link?
    Now if you want to say the fan base isn’t 100% behind the team still, you may be right. That’s not a knock on Favre but on Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota where people would rather ogle art and sample some wine and cheese.
    You know how cultured they can be, eh?
    Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got to go run to the nearest provider and get signed up for an NFL package, or I don’t get to see no more Brett Favre in a poiple joisee!

  17. slegeir says:
    August 30, 2009 2:42 PM
    All you Vikings fans that think you’re going to the Super Bowl….have you seen Aaron Rogers play this year, and the new Packer defense. The Pack is’nt going to just lay down and let you win. Can’t wait til they play each other. Favre doesn’t care about the Vikings or their fans, he cares about revenge. I’m sure he’s laughing all the way to the bank. $750,000 a game. The Vikings are fools!!
    Wow, here I thought the Packers would take one look at #4 in purple and just give us the game.
    Thanks for setting the record straight with that brilliant football insight.
    Imagine, a Packers fan who believes the Packers will do well this year and beat the Vikings…

  18. @Sparta
    Ah, okay, so there’s a line that you’re drawing in the sand in speaking of the irrationality of fans. It’s okay to cheer for your team, but saying that they’ll win a Superbowl is completely irrational! Lets not suggest that Bills fans during the T.O. signing were suggesting the same thing, or that Bears fans during the Cutler signing weren’t over-the-top excessive. That’s what it means to be a fan, an irrational belief in the team that you cheer for.
    Once again you display your obsession with not only the Vikings, but the fans. It’s becoming obvious that your continued rants targeted solely at one team and it’s fans is simply a byproduct of your jealousy for said team and fans. I find it rather amusing and, dare I say, flattering–so please, continue.

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