Inspirational stuff from Edgerrin James

Newly-signed Seahawks tailback Edgerrin James, who has churned out more rushing yards in NFL history than all but ten other men, recently spoke with Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports regarding some serious offseason challenges in his personal life.

In March, the mother of his four children, Andia Wilson, died of leukemia.

And so James is now committed to raising his kids, all of whom are under the age of 12.  He declined an invitation to join the Seahawks on Monday, August 24, because it was the first day of school.

“I had to be there,” he told Silver.  “There was no leaving.”

James also said that he wouldn’t have continued his career if his oldest daughter wasn’t on board with the move. 

“As football players, we’re so programmed to do well in our job that
sometimes we forget about our house,” James said.  “I look at my mom,
who’s helping with my kids, and then I look at them.  My kids don’t have
that mom.  When you really think of it like that — damn, it’s heavy.

“If my daughter would’ve said, ‘Daddy, I don’t want you to go play,’
then 100 percent guaranteed I wouldn’t be playing.  I’ve gotten to enjoy
so many things, but right now it’s time to be a parent first, and I
don’t want to blow it.”

We suggest that everyone out there read the full article, and consider very carefully the example James is setting for the rest of us. 

And even the biggest, strongest, and toughest members of the audience would be wise to have a box of tissues nearby.

28 responses to “Inspirational stuff from Edgerrin James

  1. I see Edgerrin in a completely different light after reading this.
    Wow… what an example. I’ve got tears in my eyes.
    – Z

  2. johnny63,
    Let’s not forget that there are probably a lot more than 10 players over the years that have a negative career rushing total.
    So, when you say that you could do that… You probably already have. 🙂

  3. I have always thought of Edge as a classy guy, even though he may look a bit thugish, and hearing about what he has gone through losing his woman at such a young age and now raising 4 kids makes me respect him even more.
    Seattle has not only added a great RB to their team, but also a great man. Every year I tend to root for one “feel good” team, and this year I’ll be wearing my horribly ugly green and gray jersey hoping Edge shows the league his kids and himself that he is still one of the best in the league.
    Let his example show that the NFL is not only full of whinners and thugs, but that good honest men play this game.
    Good Luck Edge and I hope that you and yours are able to find some good out of such a bad situation.

  4. Now we know why he hadn’t signed with anyone.
    The shame is this will be the only post about him.
    We’ll now have to suffer thru the ten or so Vick threads or whatever other asshole gets in trouble.

  5. Reminds you of the human side to the people who play this game- it’s not all about makin’ it rain in the club. There are some good people out there who are dealing with difficult situations in life.

  6. It’s nice to be able to respect the man for more than just being a football player. Sounds like he has it together.

  7. Nice to see a story about player thinking right instead of a another selfish child or gangster story.
    Now go fix the fricken login on this site and we’ll have a small win.

  8. The first sentence should either say:
    “…more rushing yards in NFL history than all but ten other men…”
    Or, just say “who is 11th on the all-time rushing yards list” so as to convey what you meant, not what you said.

  9. He should be in the hall of fame for being such a great Dad, at this point. Football is just game.
    Staying home to send your kids to school (as i choke up writing this) is called BEING A MAN.

  10. Life is hard, Edge. Anybody that needs a millionaire part-time worker to give them perspective regarding job and family is beyond help.

  11. Have’nt even read the article yet and am the tears rolling.
    Got three kids and everyday I wonder what I’d do if their mother were to perish. Very scary thing.
    Warrick, Darren and now Edge…While the Receivers aree becoming Divas, it seems the RBs are setting the trend in impressive behavior.
    I took it to the Cardinals here when they refused to release Edge in the offseason, am even prouder of that now.

  12. Damn, dudes a monster!!!! He’s rushed more than 10 other people! That is crazy, I don’t see why more teams didn’t want him as their starter!

  13. OK, let me get this straight: so the whole time he’s on the Cardinals, he’s Edgerrin “No Gain” James, he’s a pisser and moaner, a big baby, etc.. But now that he’s landed somewhere else, you’re going to start cranking out positive articles (I count two, so far)?
    This is the same guy that was on the Cards but because of the color of his jersey you wouldn’t give him due respect back then. Weeeeeeeeak.
    Anyway, yes, he certainly has the proper attitude toward football, given the absence of the kids’ mother. He has obviously manned up and will hopefully have a strong remainder of his career. It would be nice to see more of these types of guys succeeding instead of some of the wanker prima donnas that unfortunately enjoy diva status in the NFL because teams are handcuffed against smacking them down.

  14. Funny, this praise only comes now that he is not a cardinal. Like I said, Florio is now going to make the Edge a god on here. I think he’s a great guy. Great player. He was VERY cool with Hightower when he didn’t have to be. But where was all this before?
    Typical Florio.

  15. “Funny, this praise only comes now that he is not a cardinal. Like I said, Florio is now going to make the Edge a god on here. I think he’s a great guy. Great player. He was VERY cool with Hightower when he didn’t have to be. But where was all this before?”
    You idiot, this didn’t come out when he has with the Cardinals because his kids’ mother was still alive then.
    And I’m pretty sure I read stories about him mentoring Hightower on this very site.
    Florio’s giving the man credit where it’s due. Edge is pretty much done as a player, but he’s doing a great job manning up as a dad. I think the coverage on this site has reflected both. Get your panties un-twisted.
    One thing’s really funny – I’ve seen fans of absolutely every team in the league scream that Florio has it in for their team. Guess he’s doing a decent job.

  16. Maybe this is a small sign that there’s still hope for the league. Maybe making a dog torturer and killer your new superstar won’t be the norm after all.
    Not sure I believe that, but kudos to James and thanks for sharing this story.

  17. DC_Bengals_Fan says:
    August 29, 2009 12:36 PM
    One thing’s really funny – I’ve seen fans of absolutely every team in the league scream that Florio has it in for their team. Guess he’s doing a decent job.
    Exactly! I’m surprised it took this long for someone to point that out. He’s gone on record saying he hates every team equally, and if people would take the blinders off, they’d notice that he dishes out a fair amount of crap to each team deserving of it.
    Geez people, get a grip!

  18. Dc bengal fan
    After reading the comments I agree with ur last paragraph.
    Although I haven’t heard florio say anything bad about the chiefs that I can remember, but they are pretty irrelevant anyway

  19. Wow, a post by Florio that is downright positive. I didn’t think he had it in him. And even more supprisingly, he managed to do so and avoid the criticism or smarmy comment about someone else while doing so, as he usually manages to pull of in other posts.

  20. the mother of his children died. his kids watched their mother take her last breath.the man has embraced being a single parent along with the help of his mother.( i think it is if its his mother in law its the same meaning)
    he is willing to forget about football to do the right thing. he wants to make sure he goes to school with his kids on their first day. he actually gets the ‘go ahead’ from his oldest child to Go For It.
    And all some of you folks can think to do is try to pick fights over petty shit.
    Damn all of you picked this time to be petty
    i mean really Damn you guys and gals for being so small ignorant minded.
    Leukemia really isnt a petty thing and that is the root of all of this about Edge. There are now more motherless children in this world
    So if you want to stick a fork in Florio or whomever else, please do so repeatedly and with veroscity (sp)
    but pick the right time and place.
    I sorta think this isnt either one.
    have a good weekend everyone

  21. Using a touching story about a man being responsible as a way to air your anti-Eagles anti-Vick sentiment, redsquare? Classy.
    Good on Edge for stepping up. It is good to see coverage of a football player acting this way.

  22. i already liked him as a player…. but now it’s hard to not like him as a man.
    good article, and amazing maturity shown by Edgerrin.

  23. EJ always has, always will be a class act. Lots of players could learn from him. I wish him all the best in Seattle.

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