"Killer" Leinart coming of age?

In response to the recent news that FOX’s Jay Glazer (whose new line of toys will be released in time for the Holidays, per Taco Bill) had thrown potatoes at the video board in Dallas, a reader suggested that Glazer was merely trying to convert the spuds into “killers.”

That was a reference, of course, to Glazer’s attempt to transform Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart from a “pretty boy” into a “killer” via MMA training.

Though it remains to be seen whether humping a heavy bag will help Leinart between the white lines, something woke the guy up last night against the Packers.

Leinart, who unexpectedly was benched last year in favor of Kurt Warner, completed 24 of 38 passes for 360 yards and three scores in the second half of Friday night’s game against the Packers.  (Leinart also threw one interception.)

During Leinart’s two quarters of action, Arizona outscored Green Bay 27-6.

It likely was enough to keep Leinart in the No. 2 spot behind Warner, despite recent rumors that Leinart could be sliding behind Brian St. Pierre.

The bigger question becomes whether Leinart is positioning himself to become the quarterback of the future (product placement!) in Arizona — and whether the future could be sooner than anyone envisioned.

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  1. I’m not getting too worked up about his numbers. While they are good to see and show that his career has not completely flatlined, I still don’t know if he’ll succeed in Arizona. They are one of the most pass-heavy offenses in football and he got all those attempts because they were down. As Bob S. has said, he threw the pick late in the game in a clutch situation against backup’s backups.
    If I were Whisenhunt, I would have given him a decent amount of playing time vs. 1st string defenses in the preseason because in my opinion, this is what good QBs are supposed to do against weaker opponents. I just don’t know if Leinart has it in him to do this against the top defenses in football if asked to.

  2. “who unexpectedly was benched last year in favor of Kurt Warner,”
    That should read “who was benched…” – it was expected.
    The future will come soon enough. Warner won’t make it to their bye without an injury.

  3. Leinart was playing almost nothing but 3rd stringers and guys who won’t make the team. Green Bay pulled almost everyone after halftime.

  4. Florio would LOVE if Leinart was the starter. With Warner there, it kills this half ass writer. He has predictions of Warner getting hurt right away, cards offense faltering….ANYTHING he can think of. That must have really got his panties on a bunch last year. It is hilarious to see the cards bashing that goes on before even one regular season game has been played.
    Cards will win the NFC West again. Watch and see.

  5. Yes it was preseason, but he does have a better winning % in Arizona than Kurt Where is my walker Warner has in Arizona.
    Arizona will be fine when he replaces the injured or turnover prone Warner.

  6. Florio, Don’t get too worked up over numbers generated in the second half of a preseason game. It’s not the starters. He should be putting up those kinds of numbers there.
    I bet if Manning was on the second half, you would be calling him a God. 🙂

  7. So Florio, I suppose there will be no posting about Beanie Wells right? Looking to avoid that one are you? In limited action on a bad ankle, the guy scores two td’s and averages 6.5 yards per carry in his first game? You see Mike, that’s called Football news. But it doesn’t match your agenda.
    But you would rather put the Edge on a pedestal or try to stir up qb questions in the pre season for the cards?
    What an @&* hole.

  8. Yes he was playing 3rd stringers…so what he torched them like he should of right? He looked calm and cool in the pocket something he wasn’t last year. His 1 INT he was trying to throw a jump ball to 6’8 Pope and under threw him. BTW what rumor are you hearing that Leinart could be the number 3??? BSP is lucky to still be on the team and Leinart throws for 300 yards in a half…lol Way to go there FloriJOKE!

  9. Raidermight.
    It seems you have mistaken Manning for Brady, because Florio is as anti-Manning(either one) as they come.
    But if Tammy put up those #’s, it would smell a lot like 2007.

  10. Leinart could potentially play this year. I’m a little amazed that Warner is as turnover prone as he is at that age. He will see the rusher coming and rather than tuck it away and take the sack he tries running and throwing once the defender catches up (which doesn’t take long).
    Kurt, how many times are you going to fumble like that before you tuck the ball and take the sack? It’s kind of embarassing.

  11. His stats came in garbage time against 4th and 5th string guys who will not be on the Packer team in September.
    Leinart is not as good as Kurt Warner who did an awesome job in getting the first points this season against the Packers starting defense.
    Looking good in a soap box derby does not mean Leinart is ready for the Indy 500.

  12. ya failed the test, vick’s failed drug test.
    as a starter in az, warner is 21-26. but he also led the cards to come from behind victories in 07 in 2 games leinart started.
    leinart is 7-9 as a starter (.438) in az. but he shouldnt get full credit for 2 wins, because warner came of the bench and won those games. so, really he is more like 5-9 (.357) in decisions and warner is more like 23-26 (.469) in decisions.
    warner is 21-26 in az as a starter (.447). so, warner hasnt just outplayed leinart by taking the cards to a super bowl… he has a better w-l percentage too. not much, but still better.
    does anyone in their right mind think leinart could have gotten the cards to within one td of winning a super bowl last year?
    warner was obviously 9-18 before 2008 as a cards starter. that is because preceding his arrival there and during his first year in az, 2005, he was outplayed by josh mccown, who as 9-10 (.474) as starting qb for az.

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