Reid says there's a "good chance" Vick will play this week

With one preseason game to go before quarterback Mike Vick begins a suspension that, given the presence of a bye during the first five weeks of the season, will last four games at most, the Eagles have a final opportunity to get him some game reps in a game that doesn’t count.

Coach Andy Reid said Saturday that there’s a “good chance” Vick will play on Thursday night against the Jets.

“I’m just going to see how he does, how he progresses this week,” Reid said. “Again, he didn’t have any setbacks in the game; I just want to see how he does this week.”

Reid also said that Vick, who was on the field for six snaps on Thursday night, might participate in consecutive plays.  We assume there’s also a chance that he’ll take a shift (unfortunate typo narrowly averted) as the every-down quarterback.

Though the “rhythm” complaint from starting quarterback Donovan McNabb likely won’t be a factor if, as expected, McNabb doesn’t play in the preseason finale, Reid addressed generally the concern that shuttling Vick in and out of the game made it difficult for the offense to establish a proper flow.

“I think that’s all part of this – just kind of getting used to it and working through it,” Reid said.  “I think, from a coaching standpoint, from a player standpoint, and so on, I know there was a lot of hoopla around him getting into the game and I think that will settle down once we get playing in season games and everybody will just play.  We’ll go from there, but listen, it was a new thing and we’ll just continue on working it and see how things work out.”

Still, unless Vick is part of the every-down package, the process of inserting and removing him periodically will require a huge adjustment.

And, as Sal Paolantonio of ESPN points out, this approach doesn’t reflect the strategy of the “Wildcat.”

“With Vick, the Eagles are not running the Wildcat,” Paolantonio said via e-mail.  “The Wildcat entails the running back already on the field, and the running back as a threat to throw the ball.

“The Eagles are running the Slash offense just like the Steelers did with Kordell. (We all know how that worked out).  The Wildcat is the threat of the running back throwing the ball.
It is not the threat of the substitute quarterback running the ball.  Big, big difference.”

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  1. It was bad enough last year when the announcers were calling every single direct snap to a RB “the Wildcat”. Now we have a mobile QB taking normal shotgun snaps and they’re calling it the Wildcat.
    If it doesn’t have an unbalanced line and a pre-snap sweep, it ain’t the Wildcat. It’s pretty simple folks, you’re professional football commentators, you should be able to figure this out.

  2. Michael Vick running the “slash” offense? Poor choice of words by Father of the Year Andy Reid.

  3. I officially suggest calling it the Jailbird offense (Vick being an Eagle, a former Falcon, and I’m not quite sure what a hokie is, but their mascots a bird)

  4. I help my breath the whole time I was reading that post (which was quite a feat considering my reading ability). Thanks for having a Vick post without noting that he still hasn’t taken any proactive steps to save dogs.

  5. Nobody knows what a Hokie is.
    Nathan has a good point, I also wish announcers (all of them, because they ALL do this) would stop calling an End Around play a “reverse” and an actual reverse a “Double Reverse.” Makes me cringe every time I hear it.

  6. Presumably Vick would get significant time in the 4th game. The starting QB traditionally doesn’t play that game.

  7. Yo Florio, your statement “With one preseason game to go before quarterback Mike Vick begins a suspension that, given the presence of a bye during the first five weeks of the season, will last four games at most,” is not accurate.
    Goodell said he would consider the quarterback for full reinstatement by Week 6 (Oct. 18-19) at the latest.
    The main word being consider.
    If he acts like a turd he’s not playing for awhile.

  8. It’s bad enough hearing all this breathless twittering about “The Wildcat” when it’s really the Single Wing.
    My dream offense = Mel Hein, Walter Payton, William Andrews and Michael Vick. I’d call it “Quantum Football.”

  9. Nothing involving Vick is “good”.
    Have fun cheering for the dog torturer, Eagles fans! And also have fun explaining your doing so to your kids.

  10. Florio-when will father of the year Andy Reid introduce dog killer Michael Vick to his two felon sons at what the judge called Reid’s “drug emporium house”? That will be a triple parole violation…Vick and the two fathead sons one each. Do the sons then call Tony Dungheap and get a 5th chance?

  11. Redsquare-Exactly…I agree 100%. After 43 years, I will no longer root for the Eagles until Ron Mexico Banner, Father of the Year Fat Andy Reid, The Great Enabler Jeff Lurie, and dog killer Michael Vick are gone. Also sold are our family’s season tickets after 30 plus years.

  12. We don’t know how the Eagles are going to use Vick yet. He used to have the physical abilities to be one of the top running backs in the league. Maybe he still does. If that’s the case then they could still use Vick as a run first option. If they start running Vick out on sweeps with a run/pass option then they would essentially be running the wildcat.
    I kind of doubt the Eagles are going to give away too much in the pre-season. They could easily use him as a wildcat during the regular season but not practice it preseason.
    They also could line him up at wide receiver to play alongside McNabb is a true “slash” type role.
    Personally, I think Vick’s success this year, if any, will come from his normal role as QB or from running a wildcat type offense (or merging the two). I don’t see too much success with him and McNabb on the field at the same time.

  13. @killchap
    Have fun explaining to your kids about a time when the Dallas Cowboys were a team to be respected. And have fun explaining that yes, Timmy, the Cowboys CAN make the playoffs just like any other team. They just don’t. Not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t.
    @Dr Michael
    43 years, huh? Is that supposed to make your commitment more special? That just tells us you’re a washed up old man.
    You can’t watch baseball, because Brett Myers beats his wife. Can’t condone that. And at one time the 76ers had Iverson. He’s a thug, can’t watch them. And woah, in the ’70s the Flyers were the Broad Street Bullies. Can’t root for those guys.
    Have fun with soccer, and the realization that nobody cares about what you think.

  14. “Have fun with soccer, and the realization that nobody cares about what you think.”
    You cared enough to make a long winded post.
    9-6-1 team looking at 8-8 this year with a shoddy offensive line and injuries to Westbrook and McScabby. Same as any other year.

  15. I’m with Nathan here – it’s not the Wildcat because you have a mobile QB under center. It’s a single-wing formation with a RB taking the snap with the QB out wide. tip: Pat White isn’t “running” the Wildcat either.
    by the way, Andy Reid obviously didn’t think about team chemistry at all when he decided to pursue vick…

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