Source: No deal yet for Andre Smith

Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco reports that rookie tackle Andre Smith has signed a contract with the team, after a lengthy holdout.

And Chad shouldn’t quit his day job just yet.

Per a source close to the situation, the deal is not yet done, and definitely not “signed.” 

But the source says an agreement could be reached in the next 24 to 48 hours.

The contract, per the source, will be “complex.”

So stay tuned.

12 responses to “Source: No deal yet for Andre Smith

  1. Florio – You and “8 and 5” arse (sic) about as equally credible when it come to info one can take seriously.
    Why don’t you have one of your more professional minions give their take on the story?
    They are usually more insightful, professional and less baiting of the “dead blow hammers” you seem to pander to.
    Ahh, where is Aaron wilson when you need him?
    My guess is he’s currently helping to bag the Sunday CCTimes with a rock or two to keep it from blowing away (you know, to supplement his writing income).

  2. $30 million will buy a lot of mansierres.
    Also, expect the Bengals to move Whitworth back to guard and play Smith at tackle.

  3. I’ll guess that Smith doesn’t get the amount of guaranteed money that he wants but, instead, gets a contract that’s one year shorter than most of the other ones signed in the Top 10 picks so that he hits free agency faster.
    That lets Brown be the cheap bastard he wants to be by not paying as much guaranteed money while letting Smith get the per-year salary he expects based on his slotting, much like Jake Long did last year in Miami.

  4. “With the 206th pick of the 2010 draft, the Cincinatti Bengals select….Andre Smith, OT.”

  5. Andre Smith is going to Whiff on the block that leads to a career ending hit on Carson Palmer…..Palmer is still playing football, right?

  6. Reply to : “Poo Flinging Monkey says: August 29, 2009 11:54 PM
    $30 million will buy a lot of mansierres.
    Also, expect the Bengals to move Whitworth back to guard and play Smith at tackle.”
    Oh dear … someone talking about football when they clearly dont have a clue. Oh dear oh dear.
    Whitworth wont be moving anywhere he is playing LT and has done a good job in the pre-season. Its Anthony Collins at RT who has struggled and this is the position Andre Smith will play at and was practising at in OTA’s
    Now go watch some football or at least read about it from a credible source before posting the usual Turd.

  7. In the meantime he has gained another 50 lbs of flab.
    His trainer “we just don’t understand why the Twinkie diet isn’t working”.

  8. Cincinatti is the worst place this kid could have gone. It’s like magnets of dysfunction pushing against each other and Mike Brown continues to prove that well born trumps well done.

  9. Replying to MonkeyShit:
    Hey Poo, Smith will be on the Right and, actually, Nate Livings isn’t doing too bad at Guard so I don’t think they will mess with any of the positions. It’s too late for Smith to be a starter now. Maybe mid-season.

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