Teammate on Marshall: "Something had to be done"

Like colleagues in many businesses, NFL players usually stick up for each other publicly.  It takes some seriously turd-like behavior for guys in the locker room to speak publicly against each other.  (Even players in other locker rooms stick to this code: How many guys, for instance, have spoken ill of Pacman Jones in his career?)

Brandon Marshall seems to have crossed a line.  The petulant behavior caught on camera by a local Denver station this week may do more to damage his reputation around the league than all his arrests and former transgressions.  Acting irresponsibly away from the field is one thing; acting like a spoiled teenager on it can turn teammates against you.

Something had to be done,” Broncos center
Casey Wiegmann told the Denver Post. “He hasn’t really been a distraction because he
hasn’t been on the field that much. But we want to win here. We want
guys who are going to work.

Essentially Wiegmann echoed coach Josh McDaniels’ sentiments.  He wants a teammate that is pulling in the same direction.

We all respect what Brandon can do on a
football field. We definitely want him with us. But for us guys on the
offensive line, we go in there and battle every single play. We want
guys who will go to battle with us,” Wiegmann concluded.

Players around the league have seen the Marshall footage too, and it must strike the majority of the league, mostly full of players who work their ass off for everything they get, as ridiculous.

Chargers special teamer Kassim Osgood put things in perspective from someone who doesn’t have Marshall’s standing in the league.

In this league we
got people throwing fits cuz they want more money,” Osgood tweeted. “Shoot! I just want
more playing time! Want more grass stains on my jerz

Perhaps Wiegmann’s comments will sting more than the suspension from the Broncos.  Marshall should already know that acting up is only costing him future earnings, but maybe he’ll get in line if he realizes it’s also costing him the respect of his teammates.

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  1. Ya reckon ? BM’s heading toward a minimum salary with an incentive laden contract as opposed to a huge guaranteed deal he coulda had if he hadn’t gone idiot on The Broncs.

  2. I doubt Marshall is smart enough to realize anything at this point……what a waist of talent…It’s hard to feel any type of compassion for an individule such as him…..I hope they sit him half the year at minimum, cause he’s gone as soon as he can get free……I just pitty the team that thinks they can ever count on him when push comes to shove….

  3. The guy is a world class turd and is literally throwing money away right now. I think this may have finally registered and I somewhat expect him to shape up starting now but only as a means of getting out of Denver in the long run.

  4. “Marshall should already know that acting up is only costing him future earnings, but maybe he’ll get in line if he realizes it’s also costing him the respect of his teammates.”
    You are severely over-estimating Marshall’s intelligence. Afterall, the guy cut himself after slipping on a McDonald’s bag.

  5. I think we have found the real counsel for little BM – Michael Crabtree.
    Has anyone noticed that BM also stands for “bowel movement”?
    How appropriate!

  6. Am I the only one that thinks his on-practice-field antics are funny?
    Maybe it’s because I shared a class with the guy my freshmen year, it was an english class that was for people that suck at english (hey, I’m born in Sweden thats my excuse) But what about Baby TO? Why was he in the class?
    after watching that practice video, I laughed but still recognized WHY Marshall was in that class, the man ain’t too bright.

  7. WheresDante says: August 29, 2009 1:21 PM
    “waist of talent?”
    Maybe he’s into competitive eating…

  8. Denver barely had the ballz to suspend him for a couple weeks. they need BM more then he needs them bcuz he should have been suspended a lot longer for all the drama he brought to that team. noway can he just walk back in the locker room & think guys are going to welcome him with open arms after the whole team has been busting ass all summer long, while he punts ballz & acts like a kid, when he actually showed up.
    if he went about things like a man then he would have had that contract instead he will end up like his hero TO & never stick with any team in his career (no clue what buffalo was thinking).
    word on the street is he misses taking showers with Cutler after games & now they cant live together its driving him insane

  9. The NFL needs to adopt a ” Turd ” rule in the next CBA so they can flush idiots like Marshall right out of the League. Yes it would be nice if they could spare us from ego maniacs like Marshall and T.O. but we all know if they are willing to let a POS like Vick back in the League it will never happen.

  10. Take what you can get for him & get rid of him!!! make thenew team take ove the contact, what ever!!! JUST GET HIM OUT OF DENVER!!!

  11. If Broncos players think “something had to be done”, I wonder how they really feel about the facts that A) the team did nothing during the practice where Marshall was behaving that way, and B) they only took a stand and suspended him AFTER the video came out and made them all look like fools.
    And if that weren’t good enough, they’ve further cemented their lack of spine by only suspending him for the preseason.

  12. Get out of Denver
    cause you look just like a commie
    And you might just be a member
    Get out of Denver
    champagne is a punk.

  13. Marshall should forget football and concentrate on getting an education.
    That guy is a frikkin’ moron.

  14. Football players are getting soft. Back in the “gold ol’ days” Jack Lambert, Dick Butkus or Conrad Dobler would have stuffed a prima donna like Marshall into his locker, after having beaten him to a pulp.

  15. His behavior is disgusting ,and he should be suspended until he sucks it up and plays the dam game for the team he is on.Who said that u get to pick? and with ur bad attitude other GOOD teams will think twice b4 they want u..
    I think some players behavior when they want more money, or to be traded is atrocious especially since I am quite sure they making big $$ anyway..its not like he is making min wage or something..

  16. “…This is not news says:
    August 29, 2009 6:07 PM
    Marshall is my hero. …”
    I feel sorry for you. I really do.
    You have a very hard life ahead of you, if you even make it past 14.

  17. Brandon Marshall should have gotten a serious wakeup call when his champagne spraying got Darrent Williams killed.
    Maybe wrestling on a tile floor littered with McDonald’s bags and putting your arm through a TV and almost dying yourself should have done it.
    Realizing that you need to keep your head down and catch another hundred balls to get paid is what 95% of us in his position would do.
    Incredible talent and incredible moron.
    Whoever said, “Never go full retard” hit it on the nose.
    Shocker…the Broncos did not handle this well. They shot down any trade value Marshall had.
    There’s plenty of teams that are a Brandon Marshall away from a serious Super Bowl run…I’d be selling him at this point.

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