Chiefs cross their fingers on Cassel, Flowers

A day after their third preseason game, the Kansas City Chiefs are waiting for the results of “medical tests” on quarterback Matt Cassel and cornerback Brandon Flowers.

Cassel suffered a knee injury while being tackled from behind against the Seahawks.  X-rays were negative; an MRI presumably has been performed.

Flowers suffered a shoulder injury.

Coach Todd Haley, who’s required to provide no injury information until the Wednesday before the regular-season opener, was tight-lipped.  Haley said only that he’d discuss the situation “at a later date.”

Cassel became a star last year when Pats quarterback Tom Brady tore an ACL during the regular-season opener against the Chiefs.  If Cassel’s injury is serious, the job will fall to Tyler Thigpen or Brodie Croyle.

7 responses to “Chiefs cross their fingers on Cassel, Flowers

  1. six-year, $63 million contract down the toilet.
    Without Bill Belichick, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and that O-line Matt Cassel is just a higher paid version of Dan Orlovsky.

  2. Haley is an idiot for not giving Tyler Thigpen a chance. KC needs to dump the career backups “Brittle” Croyle and “Mistake” Cassel ASAP. Thigpen is legit, and if they trade him away or cut him he’ll turn into Rich Gannon, Jr. Google “Rich Gannon Chiefs Raiders” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  3. Luckily they have Thigpen as backup..
    On a separate not, anyone else think Haley comes off as a complete jerk.
    I mean I know it’s possible to be the unsatisfied, angry coach..but come on..
    This guy always like mad. Although, it’ not that clown Herm Edwards–so that’s always a plus.

  4. Ahhh…the Chiefs! Can’t blame Herm for this one. Scott, Todd & Matt…sounds like the over paid Three Stooges. 63 million went down the drain when they signed the deal not when Matt got injured. Supreme idiot culture in Kansas City.

  5. People-
    please stop saying the Thigpen is “legit” or “a star in the making”.
    You just make yourself look stupid to people who know football.
    He can’t throw the football.

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