Maybe the Pats should rethink cutting O'Connell

With Chiefs starting quarterback Matt Cassel expected to miss multiple weeks due to an MCL sprain and Broncos starting quarterback Kyle Orton looking like he had a misadventure with a do-it-yourself bike rack and a knife doubling as a screwdriver (been there, done that), the Patriots might be wise to rethink their reported plan to waive backup quarterback Kevin O’Connell.

Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli was the V.P. of player personnel in New England and Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels was the offensive coordinator of the Pats when O’Connell was drafted.  With each team potentially in need of another body on the depth chart, why not try to get a draft pick in lieu of cutting O’Connell?

If O’Connell is waived, the Chiefs have priority over the Broncos.  So if each team makes a claim, the Chiefs would get O’Connell.

15 responses to “Maybe the Pats should rethink cutting O'Connell

  1. This is why I developed a crush on this site!!
    Welcome back Mike! Insightful, short and to the point, and most of all, relevant as hell!
    Looks like I might need to rethink my “Joe Mays” quotes….
    Omar Gaither doesn’t breathe, he holds air hostage……

  2. I doubt anyone would give the Pats anything for this guy. Man is he awful. I’d rather have no back-up QB! At least I wouldn’t keep expecting something from the guy behind center, and continually be disappointed.
    Direct snaps to the running backs would be better than having him for a middle man.
    Stay healthy Tom.

  3. Yeah, odd, isn’t it? What a strange and fascinating coincidence! You have a number of teams trying to trade O’Connell level players. And the Patriots, just cut him? mmmm.
    Forgive me for being a bit paranoid when one of the very few teams that clearly skirts the letter of any law does anything quite so obviously questionable.

  4. You think someone would trade for a Qb guaranteed to sink your team? Well, maybe the Broncos, or the Raiders.

  5. yup, belichick thinks hoyer is a better quarterback. it’s not any more simple than that.

  6. Thefoo, I’d love to hear your theory on how the Pats are cheating by getting less than they could/should for a player. Enlighten us.

  7. Maybe O’Connell was a guy Belichick pushed for and none of the other guys around really wanted him.
    Honestly, I hadn’t heard of Kevin O’Connell until he was drafted by NE in the 3rd round… So, I was shocked to say the least.

  8. They gonna sign Damon Huard anyways once the 49ers cut him loose so they can keep Nate Davis around.

  9. TheFoo
    How exactly do the Pats skirt the letter of the law?True the got caught doing something that was a regular thing w/every team in the NFL,but that was years a go.What exactly are they doing now?I’m assuming you have some details on that?

  10. I doubt anyone would give the Pats anything for this guy. Man is he awful….
    He has looked bad in the games and the apparent fact that they will likely be waiving him leads me to believe that he has been poor on the practice field and in the classroom/film room too. Apparently that was not the case with Cassel last year.
    It is too bad about O’Connel because he seems like a good kid with, clearly, the athletic ability for the position. My guess is that the Pats told him that if they can not get a draft pick for him, he will be waived.

  11. I think I’m going with the analysis of the Hall of Fame bound Patriots coach over the “journalist” known more for bombastic negativity and hatred for ESPN, Kurt Warner and Brett Favre.

  12. Broncos, do the smart thing and sign this cat. Lots of potential and the is McDaniels favorite thing to do: develop unknown talent.

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