McDaniels on keeping Marshall: "That's our intent"

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels told NBC’s Andrea Kremer prior to kickoff for Sunday night’s preseason game between the Bears and the Broncos that the team has no plans to trade receiver Brandon Marshall.

“Sure, that’s our intent,” McDaniels said regarding whether Marshall will continue to be a member of the team.  “That’s absolutely the end game.”

But is it?  We’ve heard today uncorroborated rumors that the Broncos are quietly shopping Marshall, and McDaniels words could be aimed at pumping up the market for the wideout’s services.

Still, how much of a market could there be?  Based on Marshall’s behavior last week, the Broncos will be hard pressed to get a first-day pick for Marshall — much less a package consisting of at least a first-rounder and a third-rounder.

8 responses to “McDaniels on keeping Marshall: "That's our intent"

  1. When I see McDaniels I just want to smack the bitchy coach’s son.
    Does anyone else feel that way?

  2. I despise the Donkees, but until a season has passed, making a judgement on McDaniels actions is too soon. Hey, if they go 7-9, 8-8 it isn’t like that is any worse than under “The Genius” and the “Franchise” QB the past three years. That tandem put together three losing chances at making the playoffs in a row. I’m curious to see what happens actually and it would be great to see them go 9-7 or even make the playoffs, then lose to the Chiefs and Cassel once in the playoffs!!

  3. “uncorroborated rumors?” Nice Florio. But I prefer “unsupported potential BS.” What? Are you on McGuire’s payroll trying to give the receiver leverage when he has none? Or are you carrying a rival’s water who wants to keep the rift between Marshall and the team as big as possible?

  4. I’m with EdgarSnyder on this one.
    Listening to the squeaky, candyass, lying piece of monkeys**t who has systematically destroyed what was left of my team moves me to violent thoughts.
    And pbuck, nine wins for this team is now a realistic two-year total.

  5. I like how he wants to welcome back this turd with open arms but they just HAD to get rid of Cutler.
    Thanks Broncos!

  6. Let’s see, they also said that they “absolutely weren’t going to trade Cutler”. So, applying the decoder ring to this statement, it translates to, “Bidding is now open. Please, please someone take him, please. Oh, and someone get me the Patriots job-openings list.”

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