MCL, ankle sprains for Cassel?

Though the Chiefs haven’t commented (and, until they have to submit their initial injury report, likely won’t comment) on the injury suffered Saturday night by quarterback Matt Cassel, the initial scuttlebutt on the prognosis is that he has both a sprained MCL and a sprained ankle.

Cassel was sacked from behind by Seattle defensive tackle Brandon Mebane, who clutched the lower portion of Cassel’s leg and dragged him down.  Cassel immediately grabbed for his knee, prompting initial fears that his ACL had popped.

X-rays were negative, which meant nothing with respect to the condition of the ligaments in Cassel’s knee.

If it’s a sprained MCL, Cassel’s absence will depend on the severity of the damage to the rope-like ligament, which typically heals without surgery.  A Grade I sprain would knock him out for a few days; a Grade II injury would sideline him for several weeks.

As to the ankle, there’s no specific information as to whether it’s high or low or severe or moderate. 

And let’s be clear.  The information is sketchy at this point.  But as to this still-developing story, it’s the current word that we’re getting.

As we learned with Roy Williams’ unbroken collarbone, the tentative diagnoses are always subject to change.

7 responses to “MCL, ankle sprains for Cassel?

  1. Why do you always alter the time on your posts? At 6:45pm this was not on the website. Above you claim it was posted at 6:27pm. This does not appear to be true.

  2. Crap….I just draft Dwayne Bowe in my PPR league. Will his stats suffer with the backup? (I think its Thigpen)

  3. if he is lucky he will be out for the year. save himself the embarrassment of being the dumbest acquisition of the summer. Cassel sucks

  4. “Crap….I just draft Dwayne Bowe in my PPR league. Will his stats suffer with the backup? (I think its Thigpen)”
    I wouldn’t worry. The Chiefs should be in the running for scoring the fewest number of points even with Cassel.

  5. Yeah, good call moe.
    He went 11-5 last year.
    You’re probably a Cutler fan, aren’t you? Just a hunch.

  6. Croyle is the backup. But I have a feeling he will be the starter.
    Even if Cassel comes back quickly from this injury, he has a high risk of getting hurt considering the offensive line blocking for him.
    Of course, Croyle will probably get hurt as well…

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