No movement between Niners, Crabtree

So with Bengals tackle Andre Smith finally under contract, is the final first-round holdout any closer to doing a deal?

Um, no.

Tom Curran reports that a source with knowledge of the situation says that there have been no developments whatsoever in the ongoing impasse between the 49ers and receiver Michael Crabtree, the tenth overall pick in the 2009 draft.

We’re taking a comprehensive look at the Crabtree situation and all potential options for the team and the player for Monday’s item at

Unless he signs a contract by then.

We’re comfortable taking that chance.

15 responses to “No movement between Niners, Crabtree

  1. Florio,
    Are his rights tradeable? With the rookie “salary cap” within the cap, each team is alloted a value that they must fit their rookies under. Assuming most teams are right up against that, wouldn’t it be impossible to trade his rights?

  2. Crabtree has been seen house shopping in the bay area. I would assume he would not be able to buy a house unless he was expecting to sign a contract soon.

  3. Dude needs to come in and sign his slotted contract. Wake up and take the $18 mil or whatever it is!! You aren’t getting more than DHB. You aren’t getting more than Big Eugene Monroe. Take the millions, go play, then break the bank on your 2nd contract.
    He has pretty much wasted his entire first season, and that will make it tough to hit some of the soon to be built in contract escilators and playing time milestones.

  4. F–k all u RAIDER HATERS!!… DHB is signed and Crabtree is not suck on that Raider Haters.
    Crabtree will not sign instill the 4th or 5th game of the season or maybe even next year, 2 another team. DHB will have caught on to what a NFL Wr should be and will be all-pro by week 5.
    Go Raiders!

  5. Crapgreed is overrated. Just another Rashaun Woods (same stats) or Peter Warrick. Plus he’s a dick.
    Too small. Too slow. Too much of a headache.
    He’ll be a journeyman NFL receiver. Just OK.
    Not to mention the fact the Niners have no QB.
    Basically a wasted pick.

  6. Looks like Al wasn’t so stupid for not taking Crabtree. He was still stupid for taking the guy he took so high…they could have traded down and still got their guy.

  7. # TylerDurden says: August 30, 2009 9:01 PM
    “Al’s a genius”
    Lets just see how much of a genius old Al’s been the last 6 years:
    1st round picks:
    2008 – #4, Darren McFadden, 499 yds rushing, hurt part of the season.
    2007 – #1, JaMarcus Russell, career rating – 77.1
    2006 – #7, Michael Huff – career stats: 1 sack, 1 int, 1 forced fumble
    2005 – #23, Fabian Washington, not even on the team, traded for a 4th round pick
    2004 – #2 overall, Robert Gallery – the only player selected in the top 8 picks of the 2004 Draft not to have made it to a pro bowl.
    That’s a whole lot of really high picks to get 24 wins & 72 losses the past 6 years.
    I can think of a lot things that old Al is lately…genius isn’t one of them.

  8. “Not to mention the fact the Niners have no QB.”
    Steviemo: Come on….it’s getting a little comical how much you like the fact the 49ers don’t have a great QB….lol I seriously LOLd when I seen you said that because i knew you had to sneak it in there when I was reading…lol

  9. Anthony….Just because Crabtree hasn’t signed yet doesn’t make the Raiders better than the 49ers! I would rather Crabtree not sign and us keep the money than to pay DHB to be worthless for 5 years. But if it makes you feel better that you got the 4th best reciever in the draft at #7 then i guess that can ease the pain of the stomping the raiders took Saturday night! lol

  10. where is this item on sporting news? i can’t find anything by you on there, florio. is it under news, blogs, what?

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