Tedy Bruschi will retire Monday

The handwriting was on the wall not long ago, amid reports that Pats linebacker Tedy Bruschi was having trouble finding a role for himself in the 2009 Patriots defense.

And so, while Bruschi has said that he plans to take his NFL future one year at a time, is calling it quits.

Al Michaels of NBC announced at the outset of the second half of Sunday night’s game between the Bears and the Broncos that Bruschi will announce his retirement on Monday.

There’s a good chance that Bruschi opted to pack it in at the suggestion of the team.  Coach Bill Belichick surely didn’t want to have to cut Bruschi, and Belichick undoubtedly would have given Bruschi the courtesy of an opportunity to walk away.

As we wrote in August 17:  “We doubt that the Patriots would cut Bruschi, but circumstances might
nudge him to choose to make his exit
.  Whether it’s that vague sense
that things have changed or a more acute fear that if he doesn’t take
the initiative to call it quits he might not get to make that decision,
we won’t be shocked in hindsight if at some point between now and Labor
Day we all learn that the 36-year-old’s year-to-year decision-making
process has pointed to the conclusion that this year is the year to
call it quits.”

UPDATE:  The Patriots have called a press conference for Monday morning at 10:45 a.m. ET, to make an “important announcement.”  We assume the announcement will be the Bruschi retirement.  Unless the third Golden Ticket has been found.

46 responses to “Tedy Bruschi will retire Monday

  1. So Vrabel, Harrison, and Bruschi all gone from last season.
    Im sure somewhere guys like Peter King are crying. Guess he will just need to get used to the taste of sucking on some new Patriot johnson. Somehow I have a feeling the taste of brady’s will keep him satisfied all season long.

  2. He is a great player, and an even better person. Bruschi, Troy Brown, and Drew Bledsoe all played with a lot of heart and all 3 were special players, not to mention all 3 went out of their way to be good to Patriots fans. Those 3 and Robert Kraft turned the Patriots around.

  3. I’m not a Patriots fan by far…
    but I’ll be sad to see him go.
    He fought through so much to be player he is today. I still think he should give it one more year. They have a great shot of taking it again this year.
    really passionate player, and a class act.

  4. But he played great the other night. Made some fantastic stops. Plus he is a leader in the locker room. Bad, bad, bad decision.

  5. Whether you love or hate the Patriots, you have to respect Tedy Bruschi. He gave everything to the game and persevered to get back to it after his stroke.
    But it was clearly time for him to hang it up.

  6. If this is true it is both a great and sad thing at the same time. When I was playing high school ball and thinking about playing college ball Teddy Bruschi was part of a group that brought the U of Arizona onto the national stage. I believe he played DE at UofA. Good player, but I didn’t think he had much of an NFL future. Well I was wrong.
    Class act till the end. Good luck with your retirement Mr. Bruschi. I am sure I will see you covering NFL or College games on TV in the near future and I look forward to it.

  7. the play that clinched this was the cooley 73 yard catch Friday night. Bruschi just looked so lost on that play. Great career though. He made some huge plays over the years( the strip in the 2004 playoffs on Rhodes was amazing).

  8. Thank you for your service to the New England Patriots, Tedy. You were instrumental in three world championships and were always – always – a class act. You will be missed.

  9. I have been a fan of the Pats since they played at Fenway Park. Teddy B is one of the best and most real players they have ever had and I thank God I had the chance to watch him play. God Speed Teddy and thank you for the wonderful memories.

  10. Id have more respect for Bruschi if he didn’t play on a team that won 3 superbowl while recording the other teams activities illegally. He was a great person off the field so Ill give him some respect there. If i hear his name and the Hall Of Fame uttered in the same sentence, I think ill throw up in my mouth a little.

  11. thanks for the memories teddy. football players dont come any smarter than you. you played like a coach on the field. thanks for 15 great years!

  12. That’s two negative posts on a thread about a good guy.
    Why don’t you troll somewhere else, asshole?

  13. Alpheratz, relax. he’s saying that Bru looks like Bruce Campbell. It’s funny and I’ve lived in NH my whole life as a die hard pats fan.

  14. A sad, sad thing if true, and it looks like it. He was a great player and an even better person. Besides being a great player, he had a freaking stroke and managed to come back and play at a high level, which is simply amazing. True, he has slowed, and probably has made the decision that he just doesn’t have what it takes to keep playing. He also probably feels comfortable, knowing that Mayo is there to take over his role. Still, very sad.
    And comments like the one from CardHock, irresponsible and other things I can’t say here. Bruschi had nothing to do with Spygate. He wasn’t taping anything, and I doubt any of the players had any intimate knowledge of it. You can’t take away a thing from the players over that. They worked hard and played their hearts out, and you treat it like the tape somehow won all the games for them. I bet you even think it gave them their 16-0 season. Ridiculous. If he gets into the Hall, the ONLY people that won’t be cheering for him will be idiots like you who have zero understanding of the game and have nothing in their hearts but hatred.

  15. before his heart problem, he was a dominating player. he’s been just good since. it’s not enough. but thank you number 54 for several great years and a great career. after brady, it’s been bruschi. that’s all anyone needs to know.

  16. The dude was freakin’ hardcore! I will miss those rowdy Sundays’ Thanks Teddy.

  17. Certainly a shame to see a guy go that contributed as much to game as he did. Guys like this are role models to younger players (at all levels of the game) and a bright spot for a sport that rewards its troublemakers with 24/7 coverage and covers its high quality guys with a 30 second walter payton award. Best of luck in whatever you pursue in your post playing days.

  18. So long cheater! Take your steroids and videotapes and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  19. Bruschii is a warrior no doubt. The NFL is losing a good man.
    Cheers to a good retirement Teddy.

  20. Bruschi is a roided up cheater. The NFL is better without degenerates like him and Rodney Harrison.

  21. CardHock
    You thimk it wasn’t happening on your team?You think it some how gave Bruschi magical powers?The Pats won those Superbowls on the abilities of the players not the small advantage that every team got from the taping of practice.So PISS OFF!!

  22. …Im sure somewhere guys like Peter King are crying…
    No, not Peter King. He is a Red Sox fan but he is no fan of the Patriots.
    Now ESPN’s Bill Simmons is an admitted Red Sox and Patriots homer and he might be crying. OTOH, he might be realistic and know that it was time (maybe past time) for Bruschi to step down.

  23. Id have more respect for Bruschi if he didn’t play on a team that won 3 superbowl while recording the other teams activities illegally….
    So, I guess you also have no respect for any members of the Steelers SB dynasty team of the 70’s (e.g. Bradshaw, Harris, Greene, Lambert, etc.), since various members of that team were abusing steroids during that period.
    And I guess you have no respect for Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, or any member of that last 49ers SB winning team since it is widely believed that Carmen Policy of the 49ers was “cheating” on the salary cap that season and other seasons (I believe they were fined eventually).
    And I guess you have no respect for John Elway or any member of his Broncos SB winning teams since the Broncos were found to be “cheating” on the salary cap during their SB winning seasons (they were penalized 3rd round picks).
    And I guess you have no respect for any of the Cowboys that won SBs while Jimmy Johnson was a Head Coach of that team (e.g. Aikman, Smith, Irvin, etc.) since Johnson admitted to some “cheating” practices of his own on Fox Sports last season.
    Frankly, if you do not respect Tedy Bruschi completely, you can not respect any NFL player.

  24. whywerule: Thank you.
    I am so sick of the one-line idiots who show up on this and every other site calling the legitimacy of the Patriots championships and personnel into question… you could have added the “perfect” ’72 Dolphins who were also penalized for violating league rules… Did that reflect on Griese, Csonka, Kiick, and Morris and their careers?
    You losers are in desperate need of lives – I would love to see you offer something substantive instead of the acidic blather you clutter this site with.

  25. Thanks for the memories, Tedy. In your prime, you were the emotional leader of the best defense in football. We’ll miss you, Tedy.

  26. 808Smith says:
    August 31, 2009 4:58 AM
    Bruschi is a roided up cheater. The NFL is better without degenerates like him and Rodney Harrison.
    This board would be better without degenerates like yourself.

  27. Class act.
    I’m sure he regrets signing a ‘below market’ contract a couple years ago (acts as his own agent).
    We’ll see how classy the organization is… if they can’t find a role for guys like Bruschi and Troy Brown, “they aren’t who they thought they were”.
    Wouldn’t be surprised to see him back mid season after a few injuries.

  28. @ 808Smith
    Frankly, the NFL is better off without “fans” like you who don’t understand the game and the importance of having classy, inspirational leaders like Bruschi.
    But, people like you will never get “it”, so I don’t expect you to understand.

  29. Thanks for the memoriesTedy, he is gonna go kick ass in whatever his next endevors are.
    Not many linebackers play in 5 SB games.
    @ pfii63
    Love the hate, if my team sucked I would say the same things.

  30. All i will remember from teddy, is him hugging Seau during SB 42 when they had the lead late in the 4th, hugging him and telling him how he finally did it, congratulating him….he was a good player though.

  31. Florios_a_tool says:
    Wake me when Bellicheat retires.
    If you mean Belichick (check your spelling), its not going to be any time soon.
    Sincerest condolances.

  32. firejerryjones
    Bruschi acquired an agent after his stroke.
    He also said one of the things he’s proudest of is staying with one team for his career.
    But thanks, anyway.

  33. Totally agree with you keredcross…when I saw the reply of that 70+ yard catch and run by Cooley I had noticed Bruschi was about 15 yards away from him. I don’t think he was lost though, he just doesn’t have the speed anymore.
    This has been a problem for the D on the Pats for a few years, but now that the young guys are coming into form ala Mayo, this should hopefully stop.
    Great Patriot, didnt’ leave a damn thing on the field and an all time fave around here and will be missed, but it’s time to move on. Full Tilt Full Time will never be forgotten around here and that’s all that matters 808 so suck it…

  34. Translation of all of the Pats’ crotch sniffer fans (like haywoodjablowtheentirepatsteam, Alphadogbuttsniffer, pfii63 [stands for pussy fool ignorant idiot, 63 being his IQ], patsSB44chumps [44 being hisIQ], etc.):
    STFU you whiny little New England pussies.
    Bruschi was OBVIOUSLY a PED user, just like David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez.
    Now start to get used to the decline of your team, because it is inevitable.

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