Vince Young keeps No. 2 spot in Tennessee

Titans quarterback Vince Young fell from No. 1 to No. 2 last season.  This year, there were concerns he’d plunge to No. 3.

For now, he hasn’t.

“He’s always been our No. 2 quarterback, and he’ll remain that,” coach Jeff Fisher said Sunday, per Terry McCormick of the Nashville City Paper.  “He’s done a nice job most of the time on the field, and most of the time on Sundays or in the games and on the practice field.  The stuff that we asked him to do in the ballgame, I thought he did a good job with.”

That said, Young’s performances in the preseason have been mixed, throwing three interceptions while primarily playing against second-string defenses.

Fisher also said that Patrick Ramsey, the No. 3 man on the Titan totem pole, won’t be cut.

“Pat’s done some real good things in ballgames and on the practice field as well,” Fisher said.  “We’re fortunate we’ve got three real good quarterbacks.  I think Pat can play in this league.”

Of course, Fisher might simply be trying to get someone to call up and offer a low-round pick for Ramsey before Fisher cuts the former first-rounder loose.

12 responses to “Vince Young keeps No. 2 spot in Tennessee

  1. Collins will go down week 1 and Vince will come and and lead Titans to the Superbowl. Next year with a huge confidence boost he’ll lead the Titans to the playoffs only to lose in the championship game to the Patriots.
    Just needs a little boost to jump start his Hall of Fame career.

  2. Yeah, all VY’s ever done is (1) be named a “rook of the year” (after taking an 0-4 team to 8-8 and one game from the playoffs) and (2) take his team to the playoffs the next year. Seems like a bust to me. (Why don’t you look at the facts and think for yourself, instead of repeating the cr-p that the so-called professional press spews about VY.)

  3. Young’s career stats:
    22 TD’s
    32 INT’s
    24 Fumbles
    68.8 QB rating
    Not exactly Top 5 draft pick worthy, in other words, BUST.
    And winning ROY doesn’t mean he’s not a bust. Examples:
    Anthony Thomas
    Mike Anderson
    Leonard Russel
    Troy Stradford

  4. I can’t wait til Collins has an ever worse season this year….if you look at his numbers last year, he was dismal….as he gets older, he’s going to diminish, as are his stats…..the titans will be lucky to have 8 wins this year, with or without Young….if I was Fisher, I would actually give the ball to Young….he seems to have some fire in his eyes

  5. Look at his W-L record. That’s bottom line, no? Noticed you guys left that off your list of stats.

  6. “He’s always been our No. 2 quarterback, and he’ll remain that,” coach Jeff Fisher said Sunday
    no he hasn’t, genius.

  7. Remember Kyle Orton’s record his rookie year? 10-5. Orton’s QB rating? 59.7. The Bears won despite the play of Orton, just like the Titans won despite VY’s awful play, not because of it.

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