Bears to sign Rod Hood

Former Browns cornerback Rod Hood was a free agent for less than 12 hours.

As predicted right here about two hours ago, Hood found a willing suitor in the Chicago Bears. 

The Chicago Tribune reports that he’ll officially sign with the team as early as Tuesday.  Hood visited the Bears earlier in the offseason.

Hood will have to impress the team quickly with big roster cuts coming by Saturday, but the team is in desperate need of some veteran experience in their secondary.

13 responses to “Bears to sign Rod Hood

  1. Hood’s main problem in Cleveland was that they have decent depth. McDonald and Wright are coming into their own entering their third year, and will look even better with some help from the pass rush. Corey Ivy and Hank Poteat, while not stars, offer some experience. Rookie Coye Francies has also looked good in limited action.

  2. Good we need some veteran depth. Esp with Charles tillman being questionable at best for the starter and Zack Bowman also injured.
    Good pickup if it ends up happening

  3. Nathan Vasher & his big salary is in danger of being dumped, he did not have a good camp at all.

  4. And now the Browns will get to expose Hood for the crappy bum that he is TWICE this season. Once in the final preseason game, once on November 1 in the regular season.

  5. nato2424 says:
    September 1, 2009 12:40 AM
    wish i was a bears fan.. not a broncos fan
    There’s always room for one more. Once you commit, though, fairweathering is not allowed.
    Or, we can at least take you in during the McDumbass regime.
    Does everything about the Biqueens make you sick?
    Then you’re already halfway there, my friend.

    If he can stay healthy, Zack Bowman is going to be a big time playmaker.
    Until then, we NEED some veteran re-enforcements in the secondary, so I like this move.
    Much as I hate to say it, Vasher may have become an over-priced liability.

  6. “Much as I hate to say it, Vasher may have become an over-priced liability.”
    Try the day after he signed his extension.
    Hood isn’t the solution we were hoping for, but the Bears need to take what they can get. It’s patchwork, just like Bullocks earlier in the summer. They had a pretty succesful offseason but missed on the secondary, which is still the glaring weakness on the team.
    We need Bowman and Tillman to stay healthy and someone like Afalava to step up big time. Kevin Payne is a great hitter and developing serious range, so I’m cautiously optomistic. An improved pass rush should help.

  7. Watch any of Hood’s past games before you get excited. Once you do, you’ll be praying for Tillman’s back, Bowman’s hammy and Vasher’s return from suckiness.

  8. I love we picked up a throw away DB from possibly the worst team in the NFL…..then again….I love all Rods…

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