Bucs bail on Dexter Jackson

Some league observers think that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won’t be cutting quarterback Josh Johnson because they don’t want to bail on a fifth-round draft pick from a season ago.

That likely won’t be a consideration, given that the Bucs have announced the release of 2008 second-round selection Dexter Jackson.

The undersized speedster (he ran a sub-4.3 at the Scouting Combine) from Appalachian State, who had a key role in the Mountaineers’ miraculous 2007 upset of Michigan, had more fumbles (one) than catches (none) as a rookie, and he had zero receptions during the 2008 preseason, thanks to an ankle injury. 

Per Pewter Report, Jackson was stripped of his return duties after only seven games last year.

The move comes despite the fact, as Pewter Report points out, that Jackson is due to receive a guaranteed base salary of $450,000 this year.

Jackson will be subject to waivers.  If someone claims him, the new team will pick up his contract.  If Jackson isn’t claimed, he’ll be a free agent — and the Bucs will receive a credit for any base salary he gets from his new team.

UPDATE:  A league source tells us that the guarantee actually comes in 2011, and that the money is due in the next 30 days.  Per the source, there’s no offset language applicable to any money Jackson earns in 2011 from another team.  (Basically, the guarantee was aimed at backing up the one-time playing-time incentive.)  So the Bucs will avoid the guarantee only if another team claims Jackson’s contract on waivers.

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  1. Florio, you have the prototypical “fan’s point of view” when looking at football. Just because the Bucs cut D Jax, doesn’t mean they’ll cut Johnson. It’s not the pick, at which they were selected, that’s important. It’s their skill level.
    Don’t bother pointing out that the Bucs’ new regime is willing to cut players based on skill level, unlike the Gruden era.

  2. I’ll bet he’s sitting at home just HOPING nobody claims him off waivers. Then he can try to sign a deal and collect free money next year.

  3. He’s a perfect fit for… well no team I can think of… He might be able to contribute in…. well, now that I think of it, he might not… He’ll probably land with a team that needs a…. Well, I dont know… Wow! This guy was drafted in the 2nd Round!?!?!?!
    Good luck in the UFL, Dexter.

  4. Wow, we really missed on this guy. I guess better a 2nd round pick than a 1st.
    I remember when they drafted him they kept showing highlights of his game against Michigan. I saw speed, but I saw no moves nor any ability to break tackles. I’m not really sure what the Bucs were thinking.
    Hopefully for him he can try to acclimate to the WR position in the UFL or CFL. Nobody is going to claim him off of waivers with a contract guarantee like that.

  5. Tony Romo, Tom Brady, Terrell Davis, Marques Colston, Matt Cassell. The list goes on of notably low or undrafted players who became big names in this league. Doesn’t anyone remember the Broncos drafting Maurice Clarrett in the 3rd round and being cut before the season started? How about that CB the Raiders took this year in the second round, Michael Mitchell, whom many analyst had as undrafted. Or the Redskins FB Mike Sellers, out of a community college and now arguable the best overall FB in the game. And don’t get me started on the percentage of high drafted QBs that are absolutely terrible, hello Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, Tim Couch. There are so many intangibles in the NFL draft. This should surprise anyone. Happens year in and year out. A bad pick gets cut.

  6. Therdcfan-1212450 says:
    There are so many intangibles in the NFL draft. This should surprise anyone.
    Thanks for that enlightening pontification dcfan, perhaps you can state the obvious for us a again…By the way, “proofreading” is a valuable tool. Maybe it’ll get to the DC area one day.
    Mike Sellers the best overall FB in the game?? Okay, whatever you say Homer….

  7. I think everyone but the Bucs knew that drafting him was a mistake the day they did it. Yeah Jackson is UFL bound!

  8. D-Jax now assumes his new job as spokesman for Morgan and Morgan personal injury attorneys. He’ll be doing commercials. Slip and Fall? Call. Skids Jackson won’t be missed.

  9. @Hosstyle In Tampa
    Thanks for that enlightening pontification dcfan, perhaps you can state the obvious for us a again…By the way, “proofreading” is a valuable tool. Maybe it’ll get to the DC area one day.
    Speaking of proofreading, “state the obvious for us a again”… so quick on your insult you made yourself look really stupid. And this is a blog, and you know what i meant, so whats the point of your attack?
    As for my statement on Sellers, i did say arguably, and i did say overall. There are better running FBs and better recieving FBs, but blocking i dunno. I think he is the best. And the point was he came undrafted out of a community college to play in the CFL and now a top FB in the NFL. Thats the point. Maybe instead of being so upset over proofreading, which you cant do, maybe you should try english comprehension. In otherwords, understand what your reading. Cuz you clearly missed the point.

  10. Hosstyle In Tampa
    If you noticed while reading the article what you said about Tampa cutting players based on talent agrees with what the article said.
    He never said or implied that Tampa was cutting Johnson he only said Tampa won’t let a players draft position influence their decision to keep them. Which was one of the points you made as well.
    Reread the article cause I think you’re both on the same page.

  11. HossPileInTampa – 2 posts in this thread, neither makes sense – WTF?
    You’re the one spouting “hoss spit” mr. know-it-all – plus you forgot to preceed your post by telling us (again) how long you’ve been a Bucs fan with season tickets or how far you drive to the games.
    dcfan has it right – you’re “so quick on your insult you made yourself look really stupid” – keep up the good work.

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