Chargers acquire former first-rounder Travis Johnson

The Texans have made a habit of drafting defensive linemen in the first round.

Some have worked, notably Mario Williams.

More have not panned out, including Jason Babin and Travis Johnson, who the Texans gave up on Monday when they dealt him to the Chargers.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Chargers gave up a sixth-round pick that will turn into a fifth-rounder if Johnson meets minimum playing time requirements.

Unlike Babin, Johnson has displayed starting-caliber skills at some points in his career.  This deal seems like a good risk for San Diego. The Texans were just fed up with his inability to stay healthy and there have been whispers about his work ethic.

It’s unclear if Johnson will play nose tackle or defensive end in San Diego’s 3-4 scheme, although we’ll guess that he is a reserve at end.

14 responses to “Chargers acquire former first-rounder Travis Johnson

  1. So much for the Chargers keeping all of their draft picks. What happened to building through the draft?

  2. Smart. Low risk deal for The Bolts. Now let’s see if Norv can make something outta the guy. Doesn’t sound like with the “whispers” around Houston.

  3. @Filbertkiwi71: Dude, it’s a 6th round pick for a former first rounder.
    Sounds like a low-risk move. Hopefully, Ron Rivera can put a boot in this kid’s ass and get him moving.

  4. Jason Babin has been doing well for the Eagles in the past 3 preseason games, for what it’s worth. I think he has a sack in every game, and he’s playing the starters. Maybe Jackson will find life on a new team.

  5. @Red:
    The boot alone would knock him back 5 yards and then he’ll hold on tight as he falls backwards.

  6. Babin was a hell of a college player. I think he never has found a position in the NFL. Too small for a DE and nto instinctive enough for an OLB. The guy is a great athlete though. He was a combine warrior coming out of college.

  7. This guy is a DUD, I played against him back in the day. He had so much promise coming out of high school at Sherman Oaks Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, CA). He was on the same team as Justin Fargas and they were solid. Something happened in college and he hasnt done SH!T ever since except taunt an unconscious QB. I really hope he gets his act together in SD but I highly doubt it.

  8. where does this notion come from that the chargers don’t trade draft picks?
    that’s how we got hester, weddle, volek and manumaleuna.
    oh and chambers, hell that’s how AJ picked up mccardell years ago.
    what we DON’T do is, we don’t sign big-name free agents
    we’re like pitt and indy when it comes to that philosophy

  9. Just get him on the Merriman diet and he’ll play his ass off. Then give him a ridiculously gimmicky dance to do after he makes a play. Make sure he’s only interested in his own merits and not the team like LdT and Charger fans will eat it up. Add in some whispers of work ethic and character like Cromartie and everything should work out fine.

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