Could Deion Branch be cut?

Between now and Saturday evening, more than 30% of the NFL’s playing workforce will be fired.  Final cuts aren’t due for five days, but they always include some surprising names.

So that means this is a good week to speculate what big names could get a visit from “The Turk.”

Eric D. Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune thinks that Deion Branch could be one of those names.  While Williams thinks Branch is “likely” on the team, he points out that the former Super Bowl MVP will earn $5 million this year . . . to be Seattle’s third receiver.

Nate Burleson is expected to start opposite T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and rookie Deon Butler looks like he’ll help the team.  Seattle is reasonably deep at wideout, and carrying such an expensive third receiver is a luxury since the team isn’t expected to use as many three and four receiver sets under Jim Mora.

Like Branch, Burleson is a big injury risk, so the Seahawks may decide that keeping both players is safer, if costly.

If Seattle decides Branch isn’t worth it, there will be some former Belichick staffers around the league happy to buy low on the intelligent former Patriot.  (Assuming Belichick isn’t interested himself.)

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  1. I love it.
    When he left the Pats, it was made out like they were too cheap to pay this great receiver.
    Turns out they offered probably what he was worth.

  2. Jets still need WRs, regardless of what they say. To quote Rich Cimini regarding #3 WR David Clowney – “It was a ‘milk carton’ game for him – he was lost” against the Giants this weekend.

  3. If he does get cut, my money is that Galloway gets the axe and Branch returns to New England. Tommy will be happy!

  4. If Seattle decides Branch isn’t worth it, there will be some former Belichick staffers around the league happy to buy low on the intelligent former Patriot. (Assuming Belichick isn’t interested himself.)…
    Galloway has not dazzled anyone with the Pats, and he seems to be having trouble getting on the same page with Brady. So, the Pats probably would be interested in bringing in Branch, who would take about 15 seconds to be on the same page with Brady again as a #3 WR.

  5. @whywerule: Galloway has been outstanding, he just needs to learn the playbook and audibles better. I’d be surprised to see the pats take Deion back considering his propensity to injury and the way he stuck it to them. I’d wouldnt be surprised to see him in Green and white though 😦

  6. I’d like to see them cut him. That was a ‘Failed’
    project from the get go…Epic fail on Ruskell’s part giving up a 1st for him! He has done nothing in Seattle but get hurt, they have been paying him to rehab a knee that is held together with super glue and duct tape. He won’t make it the whole season even if he does get on the field, cut him now so you don’t have to pay him to go on IR again…Knowing how Ruskell operates though that is exactly what will happen.

  7. Not sure why they would cut him. He’ll count torward their cap whether he’s on the team or not. Given the seattle slew of injuries to WRs last year, I think they’d rather pay him to play for the Seahawks, rather than pay him to play for someone else.

  8. Alpheratz says:
    I love it.
    When he left the Pats, it was made out like they were too cheap to pay this great receiver.
    I sort of have mixed feelings about this. I never thought Deion was the dickhead that his agent made him seem like. I think if he could do it all over again he probably would have done anything possible to stay in NE.
    But that said, he is another example of some players not realizing how good they really have it and then finding out the hard way. So, screw him. I guess.

  9. If they cut him, I’d like to send a big fat “I told you so” to just about everyone who knocked the Pats getting rid of Branch.

  10. “Assuming Belichick isn’t interested himself.”
    Seems extremely unlikely, the Pats are stacked at receiver and Deion did not leave town on good terms. That said Brady would probably be happy to have him back, but he’s been injured a lot since he left New England.
    Hey if he wants to play for vet minimum…….

  11. The Patriots would be interested because they try to make Brady happy. It is no secret that Branch and Brady were close friends and they were in tune on the field.
    And Belichick would entertain the idea of improving his offense. Having Moss, Welker, and Branch (as the number three) would be a tough trio to shut down. Assuming Branch can actually stay on the field.

  12. There’s no point cutting him. The Hawks will have pay him regardless and the upcoming roster squeeze won’t be so dramatic that they’ll have to cut a talented (albeit injury-prone) receiver like Branch.

  13. He could be the #1 with the Jags. Torri Holt is the slowest #1 in the league and really is nothing more than Keenan McCardell, except Keenan was tougher. Troy Williamson will out produce Holt this year. Book it.

  14. Yeah, He’s Brady’s Buddy, I get that…but why would the Patriots be the “favorite” landing ground? There are SEVERAL teams in serious need at WR right now. Without even leaving the division you can find two teams that would be thrilled to have the man, both San Fran and St. Louis. Outside the NFC West I’m sure Chicago would snag him, KC, NYJ, Vikes, Jags, Browns, Giants, Eagles, Stealers…pretty much almost every team, EXCEPT New England could use his severices.
    Doesn’t matter though, he’ll remain a Seahawk, and he’ll finally play 12+ games and give us a season we’ve paid plenty for.
    I read often he’s a high character locker room favorite, hell, maybe he’d even take a pay cut and solve this whole issue.

  15. I have no problem with Branch personally. Financially he’s set for life, or certainly has no excuse not to be, and a disc full of his own highlight plays.
    Life is good for this guy if he never plays another down.

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