Gailey could be staying in K.C. for now

Chan Gailey, the now-deposed offensive coordinator of the Chiefs issued a statement regarding the team’s decision to relieve him of his duties.

And, at least for the moment, it sounds like Gailey is willing to stick around in another capacity.

“There’s never great timing for situations like this,” said Gailey, 57.  “However, [coach] Todd [Haley] has to do what’s best for the team and for the future of the Chiefs.  I respect that.  It didn’t work out for us but I certainly think that he has a very fine offensive mind and I feel very fortunate to have worked for the Chiefs these past two years.

“I look forward to seeing how I might be able to help the franchise in the near future in other areas,” Gailey added.

While Gailey will surely pull the ripcord in K.C. if a better opportunity arises elsewhere (and if they release him from his contract), it’s clear that the situation isn’t unbearably rancorous. Otherwise, Gailey would have no doubt turned in his swipe cards and unleashed a string of expletives when asked by the team to provide a statement.

[Editor’s note:  Then again, if he quits, he doesn’t get paid.] 

So while relieving a coordinator of his duties after the third preseason game is a sure sign things were not going well in terms of what head coach Todd Haley wanted and Gailey was delivering, it’s probably better the Chiefs make the move now.  If the relationship’s not going to work, why wait until it turns toxic and undermines a team that’s clearly rebuilding in 2009?