Last word on the "s" word

After a day of SportsCenter segments featuring the Monday Night Football crew openly questioning the validity of Adam Schefter’s report from last week that a “schism” exists in the Vikings’ locker room regarding the acquisition of quarterback Brett Favre, the “s” word has made few if any appearances during Monday Night Countdown and/or the Vikings-Texans game.

So with ESPN apparently adopting a policy that pretends the word “schism” never appeared on the network, someone needs to be talking about it tonight.

Enter PFTV.  (And, yeah, I don’t know what the hell was going on with my hair that day.)

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  1. Well, how could there not be a schism of some kind? Even if it’s temporary and/or minor, it would still be human nature. Your whole team goes through all of training camp together, practicing everything with a certain idea in mind, then just before you’re due to walk on stage, you get a new star/lead singer. So new that his outfit doesn’t even seem to fit properly.
    The question is, can all of that be sorted out in the preseason? Because if they lose even one regular-season game, let alone two, because of being out of unity/sync due to Favre, then you’re getting dangerously close to losing the extra wins that Favre’s presence was supposed to bring in the first place. In other words, you veer quickly toward wiping out the whole benefit of the risk you took, just like that.
    The best case for the Vikes might be to have Favre do well early but then stumble (shoulder/ribs catch up to him), then have well-rested Jackson and Rosefels provide fresh legs for the latter part of the season. As always, who knows.

  2. Hey its hard to pronounce a word correctly when your head is impacted in Lord Farve’s anal passage.

  3. Florio,
    Does it bother you that the only reason I watched this was to see what your hair looked like. Because I really don’t care about Brett Favre or any schisms that may or may not exist.
    Come to think of it, maybe that’s why you said the hair thing in the first place. Shrewd.

  4. you say that you are aware of the hair problem, but it’s still too big. get it down closer to your dome piece.

  5. The story at this point isn’t B Favre. Its the fact that SportsCenter is now just an arm of the NFL teams’ PR department. Originally people watched SC ( and sat through all the other news they didn’t care about ) because SC had scoops no one else had. Now you can get the same news from NFL teams press releases–but if it is something a team doesn’t want on the news–good luck finding it on SC.

  6. Are all you slobs really that pissed about being bald! Florio’s hair looks exactly like any other normal persons hair. Don’t be hating because you haven’t been able to part your hair since high school, or see your D@%#s when you piss.

  7. This is the second of two s-words of the eight words on the list of seven words you are not to say (or type).

  8. ok….has anyone ever thought that the reason that nobody knows what the word “schism” that adam schefter reported means because he is reporting the incorrect word. Perhaps the correct word was “shim” instead of “schism” which is defined as a wedge between two working parts….im JUST SAYING…..

  9. Tavaris didn’t look too happy after his one series.
    Time will tell.
    Chilly looks odd with his added facial hair.

  10. Not quite on par with Carrot Top, but some hair dye and just tich more of that Micro Grow and gosh darn it, Florio, you’ll be on your way!

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