Mixed signals on whether Broncos are shopping Marshall

Earlier this year, Broncos coach Josh McDaniels said that the team wasn’t going to trade quarterback Jay Cutler.

And then the Broncos traded quarterback Jay Cutler.

On Sunday night, Broncos coach Josh McDaniels told NBC’s Andrea Kremer that the team won’t be trading receiver Brandon Marshall.

And rumors persist that the Broncos are shopping him.

But there are mixed signals on this one.  One source has told us that multiple teams are negotiating with the Broncos regarding Marshall.  Another source has heard talk of such discussions, too.

But a couple of teams that would be potential candidates to trade for Marshall haven’t been contacted.

So what gives?

Based on what we’ve heard and the folks from whom we’ve heard it, we think that the Broncos discreetly are talking to a small handful of teams about Marshall, but that they are not engaged in a full-blown auction (yet) with the highest bidder getting him.
The timing of the talks couldn’t be worse.  Marshall’s actions last week surely did nothing to increase his trade value.  And with Marshall wanting a big contract and having injury issues and teetering on the edge of a significant suspension if he gets in any trouble off the field, it’s unlikely that anyone would give up much in order to get Marshall.

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  1. Whew, how did the Broncos manage to do this twice in a row with two of their biggest stars? Obviously the emotions and/or egos of said stars played a part, but there are much bigger egos elsewhere in the league–why isn’t this happening elsewhere?
    First, they give up their very-productive starting QB. Now they’re not only in the process of messing everything up with a star receiver, but they’re doing so in a way that’s reducing his value–so if they do want to ditch him, they’ll get less for it.
    So far, this is all kind of like the Bizarro World opposite of the way the Pats handle things. I seem to recall they were super-loyal to a certain young starting QB, and did quite a successful job of acquiring and managing one of the biggest wide-receiver egos in all of the NFL, who had one of the worst track records of cooperation.
    For the sake of Broncos fans (who made a very poor showing of themselves at the Chicago preseason game, btw), I hope they start figuring this stuff out.

  2. I smell the cowpies on this one. Moving the big d’s lime light from a optimus prime punt deflector into another cry baby wideout. I bet Tony and his BFF are talking. They better do something, sending owens packing to replace him with a stellar roy “my shoudler hurts” williams. good luck.

  3. Those of us who are Broncos fans – and particularly those who aren’t – can rest easy in the knowledge that Coach McDips**t will do the wrong thing.
    Bloated coffee-swiller Peter King said it best this morning: “Everything the Broncos have touched in the last five months has turned to crap.”
    Each day, I have to thank Pat Bowlen. The Seattle Seahawks are on the clock ….

  4. Since this is the Rumor Mill, rumor has it that Denver/Cleveland/NY Giants are in discussion. Denver ships Marshall to Cleveland and Cleveland sends Anderson to Denver. Braylon goes to NY and Cleveland gets a second or third rounder and Denver gets a Giant WR (Hixon, Moss, or Manningham)

  5. I think Florio underestimates Marshall’s trade value. He might be a bitchy, self-centered douchebag, but that hasn’t stopped other wideouts from getting work. Some guy down in Texas with an expensive new stadium and a number one that keeps getting beat up by a 5th round WAC defensive back might just be dying to slap a star on that guy’s helmet.

  6. B johnson and a 4th
    D Northcutt and a 4th
    i would even be willing to do a 3rd insted of a 4th
    mabe even add a 6th or 7th
    but i dont see DEN takeing that b/c he is worth more then that but know one is going to offer what he is worth so who know what they will get
    he would have to agree to #2 monney witch i dont think monney is his main problum he just haits the broncos
    that would be sick though
    C Johnson
    B Marshall
    D Northcutt/ B Johnson

  7. @ RedSquare:
    What was it that bother you about the fans in Denver? That they yell curse words or (gasp!) BOO little baby bitch Cutler for being a little baby bitch? He was upset McD wanted someone else and then admitted on Sunday night that “it’s a business.” So–why did he want out, exactly?
    And what exactly are the fans supposed to “figure out”? That we have no control over a team that is being run into the ground by CREEPY Brian Xanders and a coach that says the right things but has no concept of coaching (1o penalties, poor play calling, etc) and an owner that is mentally failing?
    What would you have Bronco fans DO? Quit on the team?
    That is not what being a fan is. Turd.

  8. as big as a hat
    you my be on to something i can see the roy trade for marshall though roy has a big contact now
    what would be relly sick is if they did that and the the lions traded to get roy back we would need to redo his contact

  9. Lame, can you at least say what field the sources are in? Agents of players that may be involved in a deal? Personnel execs? The cleaning crew at Broncos HQ?

  10. Yeah they’re shopping him. Geez. Every player is shoppable (??) they said as much when the Cutler nonsense was going down. That goes double when the player isn’t actually playing and being a distraction of the type that doesn’t seem like it’s going away.

  11. What about a trade to Tampa for Josh Johnson and a mid round pick. Both teams fill voids.

  12. Baltimore Ravens have a need.
    They also have young receivers with potential, if they can stay healthy… to trade back to the Broncos.
    Oh, and they have a backup QB with potential in Troy Smith to trade to the Broncos… if, or when, Orton proves he is in fact bad enough to be backup to Rex Grossman in Chicago.
    Soooo, Ravens give up a combination of Mark Clayton, Demetrius Williams, Troy Smith, and a draft pick. I think a 1st round pick is more than enough this late in the game. Perhaps if Broncos traded him earlier, they could have gotten more.
    But with all this said, I think the Ravens are too cheap to go for him. Just like they were too cheap to go for Boldin.

  13. If you guys think your team is going to get Marshall for less than a first round pick, you’re nuts.

  14. Marshall is gone, the question is who they can cut the best deal with. It’s unfortunate for the Broncos (and their fans), but either he or more likely his agent is responsible for his poor behaviour during this process. Marshall needs to grow up.
    Broncos management has to accept a significant portion of the blame for this fiasco. He was underpaid based on his stats vs. performance compared to other top WR’s, and in fact other poor WR’s on the Broncos roster last year. A little negotating skill on the part of Broncos management, starting with Bowlen, Ellis, Xanders and McDaniels, could have kept him in a Broncos uniform and happy. But apparently they didn’t want to keep him just as they didn’t want to keep Cutler.
    It’s sad for fans who have supported the Broncos & Bowlen over the years, but hey it’s a business. It happens, the CEO/owner/leadership totally screws up the business, just look at AIG, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, etc, the stockholders/fans suffer while the leader prospers on a short term basis. Eventually it catches up.
    Get used to it Broncos fans, it’s not going away anytime soon, unless Bowlen has mercy on the Denver fans and sells the team, or hires a “football man” as GM/COO and cedes football responsibility to him. But the latter is not happening until he gets out from under Shanahan’s $7.0mil per year contract.
    Some of the suggested trade scenarios above are quite humorous, specifically those containing a QB. They had a franchise QB and traded him away for nothing and are now looking for another QB even before the season starts. The people in the Broncos management who allowed the Cutler trade (read Bowlen) should have to work in The Raiders organization for a year for punishment.

  15. To MileHiClown
    Jay Cutler is going to make every everybody within 100 miles of Denver, including (especially)
    Mr McDaniels, sorry they ever heard the name ‘Matt Cassel’. How did Denver management expect a pro bowl QB to react when he finds out the new ‘coach’ is trying to bring in somebody else, obviously to start, and obviously because they have no confidence in him.
    I can guarantee that ‘little baby b..ch’ (to use your phrase) JC will lead Chicago deep into the same playoffs that Denver won’t even be a part of………….. Content yourselves, Broncho fans, with watching real football cities teams play during the post season……….again.

  16. milehiclown (apt screen name, btw), you summed it up nicely yourself–the problem isn’t Cutler, the problem goes much higher. With that environment, and a new inexperienced coach who thinks he’s smart enough to bounce a starting QB before even getting to camp (but is too incompetent to actually make anything happen), can you really blame Cutler for wanting to leave?
    That’s what bugged me about the Denver fans at that game. Boo Cutler when he first comes out, fine. Boo him constantly, every time he’s on the field, for the whole half? No class, childish, and misdirected anger to boot. Maybe if you all were as vocal at Broncos ownership and coaches as you were against a *former* player, you wouldn’t have such a train wreck to “give up on”. (And I say this not having anything against the Broncos–just appalled at how their leadership has handled everything.)
    Oh, and you misread my last sentence. I wasn’t suggesting that the *fans* need to figure anything out–I was hoping that, for the *sake* of the Denver fans, the *Denver management and coaches* figure out what they’re doing so terribly wrong so far.
    I accept your apology in advance.

  17. If ever there was justifiable cause for fans to get off of the bandwagon, it’s been everything the Broncos have done in 2009.
    I keep bringing up the Seattle deal…they somehow turned the #33 pick in a weak draft to a top 5 pick in a QB heavy draft. I take a little pleasure in the fact that a lot of my buddies are 9er fans and the Seahawks should be a force in a few years. But it doesn’t heal the pain.
    I like the 3 way deal mentioned above…much rather have Quinn. Anderson would get the job done and be a huge improvement over Orton. I never thought it was possible for a guy to actually look better with a neckbeard than without.
    Marshall’s a knucklehead. Get what you can and take the lumps.
    We had the #2 offense in the NFL last year with the some of the best young players in the league at their respective positions. Shanny wasn’t going to cut it as GM/Coach for the next 10 years so firing him was reasonable. Why we didn’t just hire Spagnulo, keep Jeremy Bates as OC and work on the D I will never know.
    See ya in the unemployment line McDouche.

  18. # redsquare says: August 31, 2009 8:30 PM
    [QUOTE}Whew, how did the Broncos manage to do this twice in a row with two of their biggest stars? Obviously the emotions and/or egos of said stars played a part, but there are much bigger egos elsewhere in the league–why isn’t this happening elsewhere?[\QUOTE]
    The Broncos didn’t manage it twice in a row. They may have mismanaged the Cutler situation but even Jay says he shares blame for that situation. BMarsh managed this fine mess he got himself into all by his lonesome self. He couldn’t have handled it worse and the Broncos were helpless. They had to take the action they took.
    For the sake of Broncos fans (who made a very poor showing of themselves at the Chicago preseason game, btw), I hope they start figuring this stuff out.[\QUOTE]
    I don’t know what game you were watching, but the Broncos made a great showing and booed Cutler accordingly, with pregame Cutler Jersey Burning festivities etc.
    And what else would you have the Broncos do with Marshall?

  19. Point 1– when the owner says trade him (Crybaby Culter), you trade him. Point 2–I hope the owner says trade Marshall. Niether player has the still to play in a structured offense. and niether player will do well for thier new teams. Da Bears won’t tolerate Crybaby Cultlers imature actions on the field, anyway. And, Marshall spells t-e-a-m with ‘I”—no ‘I’ in team.

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