No decision yet on Browns starter

Maybe that year spent with quarterback known almost as much for his indecision as his play has rubbed off on Browns coach Eric Mangini.

At a time when many league observers believe that Brady Quinn will be named the starter to start the regular season for the Browns, Mangini says that no decision has been made.

No decision, yet,” Mangini said at a Monday press conference, per the Orange & Brown Report.

Mangini says that the potential benefit of a delayed decision comes from the opportunity to have “a couple of quarterbacks working with a lot of different people.”

The downside is that it dilutes the first-team practice reps that the eventual starter will get.

And, remember, the Browns have 6.32 million reasons to tilt the playing time toward Derek Anderson.

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  2. honestly florio. you need to stfu with the whole T.O. “80 million reasons” crap. dont you think the $6.3M dollars will be eclipsed in revenue when the browns start winning? perhaps you in all of your douchery seem to forget that the browns are already one of the most valuable franchises in the league…
    and let me add one more point about when the browns start to win. you will be the first guy to get down on your knees and start drinking from Mangini’s (and Brady Quinn’s for that matter) yogurt machine.

  3. I can’t wait until Mangini announces Anderson as the starter. Quinnbot Nation’s collective head will explode worse than that guy in “Scanners”.
    The good part for me is that I’m perfectly ok with either one of them starting. So I can’t be disappointed either way.

  4. Florio, give it a rest. The incentive has nothing to do with naming this starter. Did you forget that DA was given a large chunk of change just this past March?

  5. Orrrrr…
    Mangini has decided on a starter, but doesn’t want you to know. I thought we didn’t believe what coaches said?

  6. Trickbunny, awesome Scanners reference and I totally agree.
    Florio, your reference to the incentives in BQ’s contract are not only old, but they’re ignorant.
    For as much as you rip on Mangini, you clearly cannot grasp that concept that he is not the kind of coach to let stuff like that influence his decision.
    Being the Steelers apologist you are, shouldn’t you be counting the 440,000 reasons why Big Ben should have kept it in his pants?

  7. Florio – love your stuff but when Al Lerner passed away he was worth over $4.3 BILLION. I don’t think the Lerner family is concerned with $6.32 million if they win.

  8. Either way this goes, I have to believe that it’s good for Anderson. If he starts, then he’s once again an NFL starting QB. If he doesn’t, then the message to everyone else in the league will still be that he’s good enough to start, especially when teams start having issues with their starters or backups. There seem to be a lot of places where he could go initially as a backup and immediately challenge for the starting role.
    For his sake, I hope his good year wasn’t a fluke and he does well. That goes for the Browns, too–no team deserves this long of a dry spell (well, except for the Eagles as of now).

  9. Florio, you can’t hold the Browns down by spreading BS! Give us one of you “league sources” that can confirm that the Browns are even remotely concerned with the incentive clause in Quinn’s contract. It’s his turn to run the offense. We’ve seen enough of Goofy Anderson. Quinn has clearly outplayed Anderson this preseason and better fits a ball control offense with his more mobile and accurate short game. he has also shown that he can go down field when he wants to. He also has better huddle presence than Anderson. This is a perfect year to bring Quinn along with the rest of the offense. Anderson I will admit has one of the best arms in the league and that’s exactly what has gotten him in trouble. He hasn’t learned when not to throw the ball.

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