Osi apologizes for going AWOL

Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora, who missed all of the 2008 season with a knee injury, used that surgically-repaired knee to walk out of team headquarters on Monday.

But he has since apologized, and Umenyiora plans to return on Tuesday.

I made a mistake by leaving the facility today,” Umenyiora said in a statement released by the team, via Tom Rock of Newsday

“I was wrong.  I came in here this afternoon and met with coach Coughlin, coach Sheridan and coach Waufle and apologized and explained why I left the building; that will remain between us.  I have no problem with our defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan or any of our coaches.  That’s the end of it, as far as I am concerned.”

So while some are characterizing the issue as not being related to Umenyiora’s desire for a new contract, the reality is that Umenyiora has made his desire for a new contract clear in the past, and that such unfulfilled requests undoubtedly color every potential glitch that arises until the new contract has been obtained.

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  1. And in comes Florio with the saving face post for the Giants.
    Now after your done giving Rosenthal a spanking for posting something negative about the VaGiants Florio, make sure youwrite something that bashes the Eagles.

  2. Thank goodness! I’d hate to think of the Giants having to not pay him and Osi not having the bucks to pay some girl to let him drop a deuce on her.

  3. Yeah, because after you miss all of last season with an injury, it isn’t the wisest idea to go in and demand more money before you can even demonstrate that you can still play at a high level.

  4. Vagiants?
    Wow. The world hates the Eagles and their scumbag fans. Is that how you deal with it? Piss poor attempts at insults? Go kick the dog. Vick will smile on you.

  5. You Giants fans are just still upset the Eagles owned you in the Meadowlands in the playoffs. Good luck with that receiving core this year. Go shoot yourself in the leg…Plaxico will smile on you right before he goes to jail.

  6. Well it WAS your Super Bowl. I guess I’d be just as proud as you appear to be. However, 2008 isn’t going to help the Eagles in any way, shape, or form. Neither is McNabb’s fragile ego/stomach.

  7. Spanky is that your name or what you do every night since the girls from Philly are all at the Shore looking for a Jersey Man so they do not have to spend there life in Fishtown or any of the other rowhouse areas of that city.
    The egurls got lucky and then did what they do best they lost the next week
    Good luck with your coach the father of the year
    Your #5 D Mcpuke and then you have #7 killer gambler drug taker great city you have there wanker
    Child Please
    Eli will piss all over you again and again

  8. Spanky, I couldn’t read what you wrote about the Giants because the glare from our three Super Bowl trophies prevented me from reading the screen.
    I guess you don’t have that problem.
    Just remember in the biggest moment of their football lives our guy marched his team down the field on its final drive to beat the supposed greatest time of all time while your guy was tossing his cookies in the exact same spot.
    Michael Vick signing = desperation

  9. “Well it was your Super Bowl”….. What kind of comment is that? Like the Giants weren’t trying to win? The facts are that the Eagles beat the Giants in two of three games last year…both at the Meadowlands. Nice home field advantage there you Bon Jovi loving idiots.
    The only thing that Eli is pissing on is right into Asante Samuels arms just like that horrendous pick he threw in the playoffs last year. Now go back to the tanning bed, go to the barber and get your Jersey blowout trimmed, and accept the fact that you live in the butthole of America…..

  10. Spanky, will it be week 7 or 8 when the eagles will be disappointing and you will be calling for McNabb to be benched in favor of Vick? Then when Vick plays like garbage you and the rest of the eagle fans will be criticizing the front office for bringing him in and creating the QB controversy which will be the excuse for the Eagles not winning the superbowl. Oh yeah how many superbowls have the mighty eagles won?
    E A G L E S Eagles. Great original chant.

  11. spanky2525 says: “The facts are that the Eagles beat the Giants in two of three games last year…both at the Meadowlands.”
    And that got you what? The opportunity to be humiliated AGAIN by a lesser team in the playoffs. Only a perpetual loser would walk around bragging about a lowly playoff win. The only game that counts is the one in February and Philly rarely gets there and chokes when it does. All the fans of the other NFC East teams know that the season is only great when your team holds up the Lombardi. 25% of ALL the Super Bowls were won by a team from the NFC East and, yet, Philly can’t manage one. Sad. But not as sad as living in a city whose greatest moments faded with the close of the 1700’s, has lost a quarter of it’s population since hitting it’s peak population in the 1950’s and who’s only claim to fame in the last fifty years is the cheesesteak and a mayor that dropped a bomb on his own city. You assclowns are so low that One and Two Liberty Place are nothing more than pathetic attempts to copy the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. But, hey, my sincere thanks for 1776.

  12. your journalism is atrocious. Let’s come off this contract issue. All your articles consist of posting feeds and pasting links, if you did a little research and checked 14 sites, Osi and sheridan got into a disagreement. Those two havent seen eye to eye in a few years and sheridan called him out and blasted him about a few plays during the jets game. This isnt about a contract at all..

  13. What is more likely to happen..the Eagles win the Super Bowl or that Nigerian student who keeps emailing me finally finds someone to send him $2000 to help him cash a check worth $2 million that he is willing to split 50/50.

  14. Sounds like a bunch of whining from Giants fans, AS USUAL.
    “But, you beat us because OSI was injured! Boo hoo hoo.”
    “Jacobs was dinged up and that’s why he couldn’t convert short yardage! Boo hoo hoo”
    “Eli obviously at some bad shellfish before the game, look at that dumb face he’s making as he’s throwing interceptions to Asante! Boo hoo hoo”
    I thought New York was supposed to be a tough city. It looks like underneath those Adidas track suits and pounds of pomade, you Guidos are really just prissy prancing Guidettes.
    And if the luckiest play in the history of football doesn’t happen two years ago, y’all don’t have that Superbowl to talk stuff about.
    I’m looking forward to watching the Giants get humiliated twice this year. Oh, wait… I forgot about… Ramses Barden! Ahahahaha.

  15. “And if the luckiest play in the history of football doesn’t happen two years ago, y’all don’t have that Superbowl to talk stuff about”
    So the other 2 don’t count now, eh?
    Perhaps you just can’t count that high. You still lose, just like your football team and the city they play in.

  16. Idiot,
    You can still talk about the 2 you won before that, but then you’d be no better than a Cowboys fan, talking a Superbowls that happened before your current teams roster was in High School.
    If we go back in ancient history, the Eagles have two football championships, too. They just didn’t call them Superbowls back then.
    But I guess you can’t think that far back. They say tanning beds and hair gel kills brain cells, and the Adidas track suit you’re wearing doesn’t make you look as smart as you think it does.

  17. Hey Eagle losers…Talk when you FINALLY WIN A SUPER BOWL….last time I checked we have won 3. In the end CHAMPIONSHIPS are all that MATTER!

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