Saints not worried about injured running backs

Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush both missed New Orleans’ recent preseason pasting of the Oakland Raiders, but coach Sean Payton isn’t losing sleep over it.

Payton tentatively plans to get Bush back on the field this Thursday for a quarter in the team’s preseason finale.  Bush worked out before the Raiders game, but the Saints decided to hold him out after a recent calf injury.

Thomas and Bush have combined for just 13 preseason carries, and Thomas might not add to the total Thursday.  He’s “questionable” for the game, although Payton expects his lead running back to be ready for the team’s tasty opening matchup at home against Detroit.

Bush has proven throughout his career he’s not cut out for a full workload of carries, and Thomas’ struggles this preseason could lead Payton to be cautious with both of them.

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  1. Ummm…Gregg? The Saints already played the Bengals this preseason two weeks ago. The Bengals play the Colts this week. Get some coffee or a Rockstar or something, dude.

  2. Saints play Miami in the last pre-season game!!!! Mike needs to hire a proofreader like, NOW!!!!

  3. I hear a lot of talk about how the preseason is bad because of all the injuries.
    But I don’t think the preseason has anything to do with it–I think it’s something about football in general these days. Star players were getting knocked out, often for the season, all season long last year. Many top teams have been pretty well decimated by the end of the season the last few years, and it hurts the quality of the playoffs and even Super Bowls in some cases.
    Injury’s always been, and always will be, part of such a physical sport as football. But I think it’s getting worse, and I don’t think the league is on top of it. Something’s going wrong, and I don’t know that they know how to fix it.
    Anyone have thoughts on what’s really behind this, and how to turn it around?

  4. Thats a good point about the injuries. I’m a Mets fan and this season was completely wasted due to injuries and I’m praying the same doesn’t happen to my Eagles (after already losing Bradley and Ingram for the year).
    I think it might have something to do with all the supplements people take these days. Athletes are getting bigger and stronger every year, but its not evolution, people are just taking anything and everything that legal, and probably some that isn’t. The more crap you take, the more you think your body can perform, but theres a limit to what your body can Actually do, and these guys are exceeding that all the time.
    Just my two cents.

  5. The last preseason game is against Miami, but the season opener is against Detroit.. Pay attention

  6. Bush is the saints lead running back not Thomas, he’s second string!! If that line keep run blocking like this when it counts Bush gonna tear this league up mark my words!

  7. SirRibbit, that’s a good point–somewhere, we have to reach the limit of what the human body can do with only training, nutrition, supplements, and even steroids and growth hormones. Then there’ll be a large gap, on the other side of which are things like genetic engineering and prosthetic/mechanical enhancement.
    I wonder what will happen then.

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