So much for Sulak's second chance

The Raiders released defensive end Stryker Sulak before even signing him to a contract.

The Packers eventually did, converting him to linebacker in the team’s 3-4 defense.

And now they’ve cut him loose.

The Packers have announced that Stryker has been stricken from the roster, along with punter Durant Brooks and receiver JaRon Harris.

Brooks arrived in the offseason, after spending eight games with the Redskins a year ago.  He punted only once during the preseason for the Packers.  Jeremy Kapinos will start the season as the team’s punter.

All teams must be at 75 players by the end of the day on Tuesday.

3 responses to “So much for Sulak's second chance

  1. Brooks has a reoccurring hip problem, that lost him the job. Sulak was basically brought in because at the time, three of the team’s OLBs were unable to practice due to injury. And Harris actually didn’t look bad, but there’s no room for anymore WRs on the team.

  2. Durant Brooks won that award for top Punter in college. Is punting really something thats all in your head…?

  3. Oh well. It didn’t hurt to try. Good luck with whatever you do, Sulak.
    I wish we had a real punter though. Hentrich was the last real reliable one we had. Ryan was looking pretty good, but TT put an end to that. Kapinos is better than Frost (and so is my great aunt), but still not great. TT and MM don’t seem to fully realize the value of special teams.

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