Source: Chiefs chop Chan Gailey

A source within the otherwise impenetrable walls of One Arrowhead Drive advises that the Chiefs have fired this morning offensive coordinator Chan Gailey.

Gailey survived the initial purge of assistant coaches after Todd Haley was hired in February.

It’s unclear what has changed between then and now.

Gailey became a star in the mid-1990s, serving as the offensive coordinator of the Steelers.  After the 1997 season, he became head coach of the Cowboys, but he lasted only two years.

He then spent two years with the Dolphins before becoming head coach at Georgia Tech, where he recruited and developed receiver Calvin Johnson. 

Gailey was fired after the 2007 season, and he joined the Chiefs as a member of Herm Edwards’ staff.

In January 2007, former Steelers coach Bill Cowher endorsed Gailey for the job Cowher vacated, suggesting Gailey instead of Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm, who served on Cowher’s final staff and who were regarded as finalists for the job.

So look for Gailey to take a year off with pay and to join Cowher if/when Cowher re-enters the NFL next season.

12 responses to “Source: Chiefs chop Chan Gailey

  1. The beginning of the turmoil and suckiness in KC.
    Pioli is no guru and Haley doesn’t have Fitz, Boldin and Warner anymore. Failure coming.

  2. Very odd timing. Who fires their OC late in the preseason?
    Maybe Gailey pulled a Tom Cable and busted someone’s grille?

  3. Haley will do the play calling. He wasn’t very happy with calls made during Saturdays game against the Seahawks.

  4. Has this ever happened before? We all know lots of guys get the ax in the off season, and a few get it during the season, but has a coordinator ever been fired right before the season starts? I don’t remember that ever happening.

  5. Why Haley didn’t just start calling the plays from the beginning…..he was so good at it in Arizona. Chan hasn’t been successful where ever he went…..why teams keep bringing him back.

  6. The Todd Haley show is already getting old. the General Patton routine is going to backfire on Pioli and Haley…just watch.

  7. I agree with it for a couple of reasons. He did give him a chance to see what he could produce. The play calls were not great and why waste the season away with Chan when you can either go ahead and bring someone in or do it yourself. I do not believe in wasting a season away, if its inevitable just get it done then. We have to be patient with the new staff here. It isnt going to be a 1 off season turn-a-round. But everyone seems to think so and is complaining about the team not producing. IT TAKES TIME! In the draft this year how many good Off. linemen where there that were worth signing? NONE! But if you look at this next draft coming up there is going to be a handfull of worthy big guys to give the protection we so badly need. But until then we need an offencive scheme that will allow a sub-par line to produce and Chans’ offence doesn’t do that. There was no reason Thigpen should have stunk up arrowhead Saturday night hence the fact he was a starter all last season. He looked like a 3rd or 4th string QB. Let these new leaders play out there plan for 2-3 years and THEN start complaining if things dont look up.

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