Thanks for helping us set a new record

With a few hours left in the month of August 2009, we can announce with a great deal of gratitude to all of you who have spent time with us that, for the first time in the history of the site, we have served up more than 25 million page views in a single month.

No hamsters were harmed in the achievement of those numbers.

We also obliterated the prior high-water mark for unique visitors.  Last month’s 2.389 million visitors has increased to 2.735 million, and counting.

We also owe a huge “thank you very kindly” to the folks at NBC Sports, who have welcomed us with open arms and promoted the site more aggressively than we could have imagined.  The relationship has been better than excellent through two months, which of course means that I soon will screw the whole thing up.

Until then, we’ll continue to enjoy the ride.  We hope you’re enjoying it, too.

26 responses to “Thanks for helping us set a new record

  1. How bout you geniuses fix pft mobile or at least return it to the old format….its like the raiders of mobile websites. Seriously though…no comment feature, no author for articles, internal server errors, and no way to look up old articles. It sucks. Its horrible

  2. In related news, Mike Florio announced his retirement today. No sign of his former partner Larry Mazza, who’s lifelong dream was to be a banker.

  3. The increase in page views is a result of having to log in again even though you didn’t log out.

  4. Did anyone else think they were having a stroke when Al Michaels urged Sunday Night Football viewers to check out PFT??? I think I pooped myself when that happened…

  5. You’re welcome
    But really, you’ve got to fix the login problem. About the time it says I’m logged in but if I try to post I get an error saying I’m not registered (in fact it happened on the first attempt at this post).
    It seems to be related to the fact that I post from more than one computer….

  6. You can thank #4 for the “record-breaking” stats.
    Without Favre, this site and the NFL are much less relevant.

  7. A lot of your views are also coming from the fact that I no longer get follow up comment updates to my email. People come to see if anyone quoted them, and that adds to your count. I’m onto your game, Mr. Florio.
    Congrats nonetheless. You are still the number one site for news. This is really the only place I check out on a regular basis anymore, because everybody is calling what I read 4 hours ago here “Breaking News”.

  8. No worries Florio.
    Steroiding a bunch of hamsters is still gonna rile the peta folks tho.
    Been a regular lurker from start. Kudos on your tireless efforts. Great commentary, yup.

  9. Florio, many of us are not enjoying the site as much as we used to.
    the constant log in problem and the removal of the ratings system are frustrating, as is your refusal to address both issues.

  10. I won’t be like everyone else with their selfish acts of taking credit. I will give credit to those that deserve it:
    Mike Vick
    Brett Favre
    “Monster in the Middle” aka the Cowboys Videoboard
    The Philadelphia Eagles
    Big Ben and his accuser
    Also, you could thank your patrons by fixing the login problems. Actually, we would be thanking you.

  11. Is this the same kind of thanks we get after submitting a post “Thank You for Posting” thanks and then you bitch at us for using naughty words that get through because you’re to busy thanks. Or is this a different “Thanks”?

  12. PFT is better than spellcheck. I quoted “Thanks for posting” when in fact it’s “Thanks for commenting”.
    Thanks for not commenting.

  13. C’mon kiddiekk, gotta keep it old school! You forgot so many!
    Pacman (and all those who make it rain)
    Najeh “Dookie” Davenport
    Vince “Uncle Rico” Young
    Everyone Taco Bill has ever included in one of those BFF collage deals
    And now I’m forgetting even more….

  14. Cut out the minimum daily quota, prolly not an issue with season in full swing.
    There were times you got carried away though.
    Get a comment ranking system and ability to sort my highest ranked comments, etc.
    Most commented box is nice, most read stories might be a good fit as well.
    Promote the Lingerie Football League more. NBC televises games don’t they? Mmmm, Friday night lights.

  15. Florio, I’ve been reading you forever. But at least since 2002.
    The Wayback Machine has this entry for April 4, 2002 (the earliest I could find)…
    You wrote this about Tee Martin (I remembered that! Seriously!) and the Fwench:

    When we mentioned last week that Steelers reserve quarterback Tee Martin is stinking up NFL Europe even worse than those French hairy-armpit chicks who use heavy doses of nicotine to mask their natural aroma, some of you wanted more details.
    We’ve got ’em.
    According to an NFL Europe source (we smell Pulitzer), Martin is disliked by his Rhein Fire teammates, primarily because of his “I don’t suck as bad as the rest of you” attitude. Last week, he stayed out of practice due to a supposedly bad back. On Sunday, he participated in a scrimmage and played like caa-caa.
    If Tee doesn’t get it together, his days in black and gold will be numbered. As we recently have reported, the Steelers are leaning toward Tommy Maddox as the backup to Kordell Stewart in 2002, with either a late-round rookie or a veteran free agent having the opportunity to throw Tee out on his A.

    Those were the days.
    Oh, and who could forget Dante? Well, me for one… )

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