Umenyiora frustrated with defensive coordinator

It didn’t take long to find out why Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora went AWOL from the Giants facility Monday.  (And, no, AWOL according to Tom Coughlin didn’t mean that he failed to show up five minutes early, as one commenter suggested.  But good job.)

It turns out Umenyiora left the team because of a disagreement with defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan that occurred Monday morning.  Umenyiora was criticized for a play he made in New York’s preseason game Saturday, and Umenyiora believed Sheridan was “contradicting” a previous statement. 

Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger references a source that says Umenyiora and Sheridan haven’t gotten off to a great start since Sheridan took over for Steve Spagnuolo.

While the news is troubling for the Giants, especially if Umenyiora’s absence drags on, it sounds like a problem that can be settled.   There was no confrontation between the two men, and the absence apparently isn’t contract related.

Then again, the issue could fester if Umenyiora’s absence is a sign of a larger problem that the defense isn’t buying what Sheridan is selling.

UPDATE: Umenyiora’s agent Tony Agnone believes Umenyiora will be back with the team Tuesday.  “This will probably all blow over and Osi will have a great year,” he said.

20 responses to “Umenyiora frustrated with defensive coordinator

  1. Thats cause Phil Sheridan is a douche bag and Steve Spagnuolo ruled that Defense. Look for a much less potent group this year. They should’ve locked up Spags when they still could. What a bunch of scum. I can’t wait to see Coughlins face when his team gets DESTROYED by the eagles this season. HAAHAHAHAAAAA Finally some NY Posts for us Eagles fans to bust on…. Notice How FLO didn’t post this one. Loser

  2. “Then again, the issue could fester if Umenyiora’s absence is a sign of a larger problem that the defense isn’t buying what Sheridan is selling.”
    This is Sheridan’s big chance. If the D has problems with him, he’ll be gone before week 2. No question that he has NO juice in this argument.

  3. Can we just fast forward through the implosion from the departure of Spags and Plax and get to the part where they all whine endlessly about how nobody respects them after going 8-8?

  4. What bothers me isn’t that Osi got pissed and left, but that apparently Sheridan isn’t as well liked by the players as Spags was. Spags was not only a very good D-coordinator from a play designing & calling perspective, but he was also very well liked and respected by the players.
    If Sheridan isn’t getting along with his players, then they possibly aren’t buying into his defense, which isn’t promising for the team. There’s a ton of talent on the defense, and Spags left a good system in place. But chemistry will be a very important (and overlooked) aspect. Chemistry was just as important in the Giants Superbowl run as talent.
    Osi has spoken about his contract before, but he’s never been disruptive. I’m hoping this can all blow over, the two can thug-hug it out and the Giants can go on their merry way to their 4th Superbowl title.

  5. “Then again, the issue could fester if Umenyiora’s absence is a sign of a larger problem that the defense isn’t buying what Sheridan is selling”.
    Sounds like a case of:
    I know Bill Sheridan, and he’s no Steve Spagnuolo.

  6. How about a trade. Umenyiora for B.Marshall. I know Denver plays a 3-4 D and Osi is a 4-3 end, but the Broncos need a playmaker on defense and the Giants could use a reciever

  7. Spags was not an instant hit in NY.
    Coughlin was hated.
    Winning cures everything, as history has proven. Time to get back to laughing at McNabb

  8. Livito,
    werent you just mentioning that there is a circus in Philly, and a circus in Dallas?
    What, sir, would you call this?

  9. Uh oh Gregg, wait till the boss finds out you posted this. This is the last thing a team with 2nd place aspirations needs right now 🙂
    Your job is too make something up about McNabb, not post facts about the Boss’ beloved East Rutherford team.

  10. “If I can change, and you can change – then EVERYBODY can change!!”
    –Rocky Balboa / Tom Coughling pre ’07 season

  11. Umenyiora spent the day in St. Louis, he must be missing Spags…absence does make the heart grow fonder.

  12. By using Florio’s Vick logic, this is exactly the kind of distraction a team that hopes to be contending for the Superbowl doesn’t need in December, let alone in August!
    …Oh, wait, Florio didn’t post this one? That explains the lack of a chicken little routine.
    Maybe Osi is just embarrassed that a rookie QB made their starting D look like a Pop Warner team last week.

  13. To all of you Egurl and cowpuke fans when is the last time you won it all?
    Egurls Never
    Dallas when they had a junkie at WR and a Brain dead QB
    The G men with Eli two seasons ago
    I as a fan have memories of winning it all
    Egurl fans have excuses why they did not do again this year
    Dallas will never win again till JJ and homo are gone

  14. Bigbluefan:
    Instead of posting your normal garbage, try to use that time to take a class at a learning annex.
    I suggest “Remedial spelling” but maybe a history 101 lesson is in order, as you’re completely ignorant of both.

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