Where is Osi Umenyiora?

If you are in the greater New York/New Jersey area and see Pro Bowl defensive end Osi Umenyiora, let him know the Giants are looking for him.

Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger reports via Twitter that Umenyiora “apparently went AWOL” Monday and Giants coach Tom Coughlin confirmed that it was an unexcused absence.

At this point, there isn’t much information about the situation out there.  Garafolo used the word “camp fatigue” in a later tweet, which could be mental. 

Umenyiora has been looking for a new contract for a while, so that could be part of the equation.  It’s safe to say this isn’t the last of this story you’ll hear in the coming days.

26 responses to “Where is Osi Umenyiora?

  1. I love how you leave out this part…
    “It must have been something of a personal nature,” Coughlin said. “I haven’t personally talked to him. He did respond to (GM) Jerry (Reese), evidently by text, but that’s all I have. I haven’t seen him so I can’t tell you; I can’t indicate the reason to you because I don’t know.”

  2. Osi has been AWOL his whole career – except the fluked game against a garbage, rookie LT; Winston Justice. Now he wants money.. LOL
    “…It’s tough having to work six months out of every year.”
    ^^^ HAHAHA

  3. He’s upset they signed Chris Canty for $40Mill.
    Osi, just keep making your 5 hour energy drink infomercials to supplement your meager income. You have been AWOL your entire career.

  4. Gnop, yeah, hes horrible. It’s fluke game, not fluked, doesn’t school go back this week?
    Also, it isn’t about a contract. You’re right, he stinks, aside from being a beast in the playoffs, being double teamed every game and having 13 or more sacks a season in 2 of the 3 years hes played all 16 games. I can see why you think he’s been AWOL.
    Sorry he can’t be like trent cole, his best year would have been Osi’s 3rd best…
    Your grammar is almost as bad as your football knowledge and “LOLing” at your own pathetic posts.

  5. Jackal138 says: “I would go AWOL, too, if my hyped-up defense couldn’t stop Mark Sanchez and the Jets.”
    I would go AWOL if my team choked EVERY time they got into the playoffs. BTW, since you’re so concerned with preseason, I guess Philly has a full blown crisis on it’s hand since your “amazing” and “best in the league” (to be fair that was Smush’s quote, not yours) O line couldn’t handle the Jaguars. 1-2 in preseason and Philly BARELY won the one – I thought Philly was the cream of the East. How’s McNabb’s little ego doing today? Vick still making little Donnie all teary eyed and feeling disrepected?

  6. how on gods green earth are you haters gonna call osi awol?
    When he wasn’t injured, he was a perennial all pro and tore up both of your wankster dalls and philly teams.
    you’re all clowns.

  7. Yup, sanchez threw all over the Giants, because preseason means everything, you dope. Osi and tuck were rotating. Canty, bernard and their whole starting LB core didnt play as well as aaron ross, but i guess when 8 starters are out on Defense, it makes your life a little easier. Stop taking so much stock into preseason kid, the lions were 4-0 last season.

  8. Jints fans sure say a lot when making up stuff about the Eagles, still in denial they lost to us in the playoffs. When Osi is too be busy handling foot longs with gap tooth to even practice,they get all pouty and silent.

  9. Yup, sanchez threw all over the Giants, because preseason means everything, you dope.
    Says the guy who in McNabb-Vick threads is going “OMG QB CONTROVERSY!?!?” after 6 snaps in a preseason game. Can’t have it both ways, numbnuts.
    But it looks like Giants fans are in postseason form – making excuses about injuries to try and get away from talk that maybe, just maybe, the Giants aren’t all they’re hyped up to be.

  10. “…Stop taking so much stock into preseason kid”
    Oh, you mean, where the 53 man roster in determined? Where special teams and backups thrive? Where, essentially, the heart of the team is formed?
    Yeah, you’re right! Osi and the rest of the Giants’ D wanted to look like complete GARBAGE against a rookie QB. Why not?

  11. gnop, settle down, the giants sat 8 starters on D last sat, yeah, i see how far the backups and heart and soul got the undefeated lions in the preseason last season..
    jackal, when would i ever discuss a qb controversy w vick? vick is a non factor on that team. I actually respect mcnabb, his job isnt going anywhere. I dont understand where all the cockiness comes from, your cities biggest champion is Sly stallone, Rocky isnt even real.

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