Andre Smith contract hinges half his salary to weight

The contract signed Sunday by Bengals tackle Andre Smith already was regarded in league circles as a bad one for the player, and a good one for the team.

A league source has shared with us a detail that makes it an even better deal for the Bengals.

Per the source, the contract contains a provision that slashes in half Smith’s pay for each game in which he weighs in at 350 pounds or higher — and in which he is not on the active 45-man roster.  (So, basically, if he weighs 350 or more and plays, he gets the money.)

It’s technically a de-escalator of his base salary, a device that is permissible as long as Smith’s salary exceeds the league minimum for his specific level of experience.  But it’s a dramatic and (as far as we can tell) unprecedented move to compel a player to maintain a certain weight.

So, basically, Andre has millions of reasons to push away from the table on a consistent basis.

Then again, those reasons existed in the weeks and months before the draft; the connection, however, wasn’t as clear.

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  1. Brilliant contract by the Bengals. That is how you handle rookie contracts. Why just give them 31 million if they haven’t even proved anything. Like the CBA Mike Brown is once again ahead of the game while the rest of the league just treats him like a crazy old man…

  2. For all the criticizing of Andre Smith, he still was the 6th overall pick in the draft and a lot richer than any of us with this “bad” contract.

  3. How much is the salary vis-a-vis signing etc bonuses?
    Still a remarkable vote of confidence by Smith concerning his own discipline .
    While I may lose some opportunities to use the phrase “flopping man boobs”, which I find intrinsically funny, I hope the kid makes weight.
    I would be worried about diurectic, stimulent etc abuse given that strong an incentive though.

  4. Is the weigh in for Smith before the game?
    What happens if he weighs in over 350 and realizes he is getting half the pay?
    Does he then give half the effort?
    The weigh in should be after the game. Even if Smith loses a few pounds during the game and comes in just under 350 it would still be better for the Bengals.

  5. I think Mike Brown is hoping that Smith continues to do the Truffle Shuffle for the remainder of his contract, as he’s always cared more about the bottom line than winning.

  6. Why the hell you would draft someone with the 6th pick in the draft and then have to babysit his eating habits, knowing full well the baggage associated with him, is beyond me.Training and nutrition go hand in hand with professional athletes. But, maybe it’s a stroke of genius, the Owner/GM can just have every delivery food service on call, just have them deliver, knock on the door, leave the food and run away, half a dozen pizza’s and wings one night, couple of buckets of fried chicken the next, couple racks of ribs the next etc…..If weight is such an issue I doubt he could say NO….His salary is cut in half and he saves millions……

  7. As far as I’m concerned that is a logical clause. Andre shouldn’t want to weigh over 350lbs if he’s going to be a tackle. He’ll play better at a lower weight and this good for him and the team.
    I do feel he got jipped a little, but not by this clause.

  8. Ok, so Smith held out of camp, to get a better deal, and THIS, is the deal he decides to sign??? I cant imagine what the team was offering him before, but it must have been TERRIBLE, if this is his best option….
    Could there possibly be a dumber player in this years draft? I thought Crabtree was retarded, but maybe he is actually on to something…… Somewhere Vince Young is laughing, telling his shirtless drinking buddies, that he now has proof that he isnt the dumbest player in the NFL. Did Smith score a 3 on the Wonderlic….?

  9. Well, clearly the Cincy O-line has established a firm “no tits” policy.
    Or simply a “firm tits” policy.
    I’m not sure which.

  10. —-Guess this fat turd only makes HALF all year..—-
    Maybe your stupid turdness should do some research he’s alrdy under 350 actually 340 and still droppin.

  11. Smith isn’t the only dumb ass here. His agent, whoever he is, has to be a bigger dumb ass for agreeing to that bullshit in the first place. In hindsight though, it’s good incentive for the kid to keep his weight in check. Once he’s out of football though, I got $20 that says he balloons to over 400lbs. in less than a year.

  12. If this kid turns out to be a bust (which I think he will) watch for Mike Brown to buy him his own personal BBQ Ribs chef. He’d rather him come in over weight than be good.

  13. In other news, Haynes as announces that Andre Smith will be their first spokesman for the new Bro. Andre says the Bro “gives him the support he needs when running up and down the field, yet provides comfort while he stand in line at the Piccadily buffet.”

  14. Notre Dame should have put something like that in Charlie Weis’ contract. It would make a potential buyout much lower.

  15. How much does Andre currently weigh? The Bengals never cease to amaze me. Weren’t there tackles with maybe a little less talent, but less of a risk that maybe they could have traded down for? They probably could have gotten this load further down in the draft.

  16. I think ALL contracts should have stipulations like this. If a player is doing his job, staying in shape using the equipment and resources available to them that most of us dream of having access to why not have something like this included in a contract…???

  17. A weight clause?
    I’m guessing the Bengals didn’t see Smith’s rock hard body glistening in the sun when he ran the 40 with his shirt off.

  18. Smith was a high risk/high reward pick. Sure, the guy has some baggage, but he can run block like no one’s business, and you can’t deny his talent and potential. If he can keep it together, Smith is a Pro Bowl calibre offensive lineman for the next decade.

  19. Andre Smith will end up as the best tackle in the ’09 draft. The guy has unreal skills and the only knock on him is the way his body looks. He is a great kid and will be in zero trouble. He may take some itme to get up to speed but he will be the stud of this draft class.

  20. This guy’s gonna need a crane to lift his a$$ out of bed every morning. Perhaps WonderBras should be included w/ his uniform, too.

  21. Yeah–Casey Hampton would never make the 350 weight limit…That is unless he got on the scale without wearing his 2 SUPER BOWL RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!—Get used to it SUCKERS!!!—Steel !!! the only team that matters…

  22. I heard his agent had also worked hard to negotiate a one-time, non-binding clause which stated that, in effect, Smith would gladly pay them Tuesday for a hamburger today.
    (note: joke previously used on B.J. Raji, who also likes hamburgers
    …with cheese…and bacon…and extra hamburger…and…)

  23. Andre Smith just broke his left foot (fracture). Really.
    Does this mean he will paid half as much while he is injured?

  24. To borrow a line from Billy Beane, the Bengals aren’t selling jeans. Sure, Smith has a bad body. Who cares? So do most offensive linemen. Mike Mamula had the body of a Greek God, and the dude washed right out. Can Smith play, or not? Watch his college tape – dude is a beast. He just eats up defensive ends, pardon the pun. 🙂
    I don’t quote Billy Beane randomly — this was a great “Moneyball” type pick for the Bengals. They took a guy who can play, period, and in so doing denied some team below them a chance to get lucky and have Smith fall into their laps a la Randy Moss to the Vikings in the 90s.

  25. Todd Sauerbrun, yes a punter, was fined while in Carolina for being over weight. So he must have had a clause.

  26. I don’t quote Billy Beane randomly — this was a great “Moneyball” type pick for the Bengals. They took a guy who can play, period, and in so doing denied some team below them a chance to get lucky and have Smith fall into their laps a la Randy Moss to the Vikings in the 90’s.
    So, they drafted a player with the 6th pick, in order to deny another team getting him? They drafted him to deny another teams luck?..Is that it?…This makes absoultely zero sense……Ever notice Billy Beane hasn’t won a damn thing in Oakland as GM and now part owner of the A’s….I guess the author left that part out……..

  27. Guys have millions of dollars.
    Showing discipline and busting butt for 10-15 years and then cashing in should not be the hard, but apparently it is.

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