Another year with

When we announced our partnership with, some of you wanted to know whether the new arrangement would result in the termination of our relationship with

We said at the time (at least I think we did — hell, I can’t really remember) that the arrangement would last through the end of August, and that we’d hopefully be able to extend it for another year as of September 1.

It’s now September 1, and the arrangement has indeed been extended.

Starting tonight (and, yes, I’m writing this blurb as part of my plan for procrastinating the drafting of my next column), I’ll be submitting two items per week for, through August 31, 2010.

It’s Year Three of the relationship, and we thank NBC Sports and Sporting News for helping us come up with a way to work out a continuation of the relationship while still maintaining primary loyalty to PFT/NBC.

We might even have another Sporting News-related announcement soon, but only if I get this darn column written and submitted before my deadline.

Stay tuned.

5 responses to “Another year with

  1. Tell those bozos at Sporting News to make Sporting News Today into something that you can actually read without wanting to kill yourself.
    It’s a website. Quit with the print layouts that look awful on a computer screen.
    And tell them if they turned SN back into a weekly publication, I might buy it again.
    5 years ago, there was nothing I loved reading more than Sporting News. Now it’s a not-very-timely print publication with an awful-to-read web publication.
    They ruined my lunchtime reading. Now I read the Economist at lunch!
    And while I’m bitching, get your own login system right! I’m tired of the page thinking I’m logged in, right up until I hit Submit to a comment, and then it’s “oh no! You’re not actually logged in at all!”

  2. If you’re as prompt with your Sporting News stuff as you are with the pre-season rankings, that one year deal may run out before you ever get posted.

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