Asomugha expected to miss two weeks

Oakland’s ugly preseason loss to the Saints is starting to look a whole lot uglier.

The team’s best player (not to mention the league’s best cornerback) Nmandi Asomugha will miss the next two weeks with a chipped bone in his left wrist, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. 

Schefter raises the point that the two weeks of practice isn’t that important for a veteran like Asomugha, but the wrist could hinder the All Pro’s bump and run style.

The Raiders open their schedule with division favorite San Diego on Monday Night Football, and are hoping to avoid a tone-setting beatdown like the one they suffered against Denver last season.  (At least DeAngelo Hall won’t be on the team.)

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  1. I have a problem labeling this guy “Best CB in the NFL”, but i have no one else to pit against him so i guess for the time being he is.

  2. This shouldn’t be a huge deal. Worst case, he will be bothered a little bit by it and would hurt his interceptions since he may be forced to wear a cast. I am sure more QBs would challenge him at that point since it would be harder to intercept with a cast on.

  3. I’ve had a bone chip floating around in my wrist before. Its one of those things that you may not have any problem with for weeks at a time but twist the wrist the wrong way, or so impact on it such as a hard thrown football and bam… instant pain.

  4. Oh god, don’t remind me about Deangelo. I can’t believe I got excited about that signing.
    That dude is the most finesse cornerback I have ever seen.

  5. Boo hoo….Larry Wilson picked off 2 passes in a game with both hands broken and in casts.
    But in all seriousness, Nnamdi is s shut down corner, his role is to take away one side of the field completely, not intercept a dozen passes.
    If they can get him a proper cast(alla Brian Dawkins club) and his coming up and setting the corner on sweeps doesn’t put him at risk for further injury to that wrist, then he shouldn’t miss the opener.

  6. Not an issue. As has been pointed out, Asomugha only has 2 picks the past two seasons after corraling in 8 in 2006. Noone is concerned about that, as that’s not jis job.
    His job is to give the QB 50% of the field to work with.

  7. Amen to MeAngelo Hall not being around to get burned!
    Aso just said at practice today that he will not miss the opener.

  8. Even if he was healthy the Raiders still have to cover Jackson, Chambers, Gates, Floyd, L.T. and Sproles. It’s almost not fair.

  9. lets get it right, after what would be deemed good pre seasons the past few years, I am glad to see the raiders lay this turd against the saints. They have not won an opening game since the 02 season, and have been shalacked the past two opening games on prime time under the lights.
    They need to win at home, plain and simple. They need Nnamdi in a big way, amongst other things.

  10. Nnamdi is great. Chris Johnson is pretty darn good. Routt blows. Raiders need to have D-Line step up to help the corners out.

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