Broncos expect Orton, Simms to be ready for Week One

Maybe it’s Crabtree-style delusion.  Or maybe the Broncos are trying to swing a trade for a quarterback without appearing completely desperate.

Regardless, we’re told that the Broncos believe that both Kyle Orton and Chris Simms will be ready for Week One, at Cincinnati.

Orton suffered on Sunday night an “open dislocation” of his finger, which is delicate medical talk for a bone twisting so severely that it ripped through the flesh and the skin surrounding it.

Simms has an ankle sprain.  The low end of the recovery time of 2-4 weeks, as reported six days ago by ESPN’s Bill Williamson, would put Simms back and ready for September 13.

23 responses to “Broncos expect Orton, Simms to be ready for Week One

  1. an open dislocation is the same as a compound fracture except the bone itself did not break. The most dangerous part of either injury is the path the bone takes thru the skin. It shreds muscle and nerve endings as well as the veins and capillaries that caused the bleeding
    If Orton has any loss of sensation in an important finger on his throwing hand, I’m sure Josh McDaniels will be forthcoming with that information!

  2. Lito, Lito Li…
    Nevermind, that was last year.
    Feely, Feely Feely!!! We’ll even throw in Heather Mitts (reluctantly). We need TE, DE or MLB.

  3. 0-1 week 1
    All that hating in the past on the Raiders now all the bad luck is starting 2 happen to your franchise. Shannonhan Gone, the best qb in the afc west gone, 1 of the best wr in the nfl on his way out.
    & now your starting simms in week#1 instead of Cutler & orton
    I love it, GO RAIDERS!

  4. Time for Josh McDumbass to get in his car and find that mountain hide-away handball court in the hidden hills and sign one Jake”the snake”PLUMMER
    by the way TimTheEnchanter no first pick in the 2010 nfl draft McDumbass has already traded it away for Alphonso Smith a db they could have got in the 3rd round

  5. i dont think having 2 quarterbacks make them equal to the raiders. we talking about bad moves for the last decade opposed to 2 decent qbs who will be questionable………
    and that job will be simms job for the next 2 years. the resurection of simms has begun.

  6. It is funny that a Raiders fan is trying to spin this in a way that they can forget how absolutely god-awful their team is. Denver is very, very bad, and getting worse, but they have a LOOOOOOOONG way to go before achieving the perfection of suckage that is the RAIDUHS!

  7. I dislocated the knuckles of my index and birdie fingers thru my palm, after a 12ft. fall at work. It was a lot longer than two weeks for me before I was back on the job..

  8. Odds are Kevin O’Connell was on the first plane out to Denver this morning.
    Wrong. As much as I loathe the Chargers and Philip Rivers, Rivers is the best QB in the AFC west, was so before crybaby Cutler left, and will be until McDaniels gets one of his guys coached up properly.

  9. They’ll lose all their games and have lottery pick next year for a stud QB. It might work out in the end.

  10. how many losses is it going to take before bowlen pulls the plug on this experiment?
    i fear its going to be a nose to spite the face kinda season for us.
    cutler, shanahan, bly – all of ’em have got to be just giddy. heck, old danny reeves too.
    watching my broncos this year is going to be like having your eyelids toothpicked open and being forced to watch gay porn for 4 months.

  11. I have a better chance of starting Week 1 than either Orton or Simms. Which is ok by me. If Joshy thinks the future is Brandstater might as well throw him into the mix and get him valuable experience. Otherwise, this continues to be the worst “nightmare scenario” played out in real life. *sigh*

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