Browns put Ryan Tucker, Fred Weary on IR

After a report that the Browns would be cutting veteran offensive lineman Ryan Tucker and a report refuting that report, there’s a middle ground.

Tucker, the team announced, has been placed on injured reserve.  (Yeah, Rosenthal posted something on this earlier.  As I now realize.)

The Browns also placed veteran offensive lineman Fred Weary on IR.

Tucker has spent 12 seasons in the NFL, and the past seven with the Browns.  Weary was one of the original draft picks of the Texans in 2002.  He spent 2008 on injured reserve with Houston, and signed with the Browns earlier this year.

5 responses to “Browns put Ryan Tucker, Fred Weary on IR

  1. If Ryan Tucker and Fred Weary breathe a sigh of relief in the trainers room and nobody is there to hear it does it make a sound?
    How great is it to get paid a full season and not have to play for the second worst team in the league?

  2. Ralph, every time I think you’ve made yourself sound like the biggest loser ever, I read another one of your posts and realize you haven’t even scratched the surface of your full loser capacity yet. But keep trying, you’ll get there someday.
    What a DB. Get a life.

  3. ErikInHell says: September 1, 2009 8:22 PM
    The Rams were the 2nd worse team in the league last year. Get your facts right.
    @DumbassInHell…Ummmm. Good story. Im glad youre coming at me with last years standings. Since its a new year. Youre an idiot, get a clue. Good thing you appointed yourself PFT fact/stat checker. What a loser. BTW Draft order is not a reliable source for deciding who the worst team is. Many would argue that Oakland and Cleveland were worse than St Louis, all things considered. But who am I to call out the guy whos calling me out(falsely.) Anyway…Good luck with that whole stick in your ass thing.

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