Cleo Lemon, back on the market

Veteran quarterback Cleo Lemon has had a rough few weeks.  On July 31, he apparently was mistaken for Mike Vick, since it was Lemon and not Vick who worked out for the Patriots that day.

Then, the Pats opted to sign Andrew Walter instead.

Thereafter, Lemon landed in Baltimore, after John Beck suffered an injury that some believed to be a broken collarbone.  But Beck is back, and he apparently will be fine.

And so the Ravens no longer need Lemon, who was cut today.

Lemon led the 2007 Dolphins to their only win, at the expense of the Ravens.  Former Miami head coach Cam Cameron, fired after a single season on the job, is Baltimore’s offensive coordinator.

Also, as expected, cornerback Samari Rolle will remain on the Physically Unable to Perform list, where he’ll remain at least through the first six weeks of the regular season.

11 responses to “Cleo Lemon, back on the market

  1. It’s on America’s tortured brow
    That Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow
    Now the workers have struck for fame
    ‘Cause Lemon’s on sale again…

  2. Another scrub Shack Harris paid millions to. Maybe he and Quinn Gray can at least send Mr Harris a thank you card.

  3. Philly will sign him after mcpuke gets hurt and vick is out of the link and back in the clink where he belongs
    Yes another chance to voice how I feel about the only team that is lower then whale poop

  4. Bigblew,
    So, if the birds are lower than whale poop, where does that leave the last team to lose to the Eagles?

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