Lawsuit claims that Troy Vincent was undermining Gene Upshaw

Though the specific claims made by NFLPA Director of Human Resources Mary Moran against the union aren’t known, some details of the lawsuit are emerging.

Per Daniel Kaplan and Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal, Moran’s suit sheds light on one of the potential causes for the falling out between former NFLPA Executive Director Gene Upshaw and former NFLPA president Troy Vincent.

Moran alleges that Vincent “had been meeting with and corresponding with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell secretly, without Mr. Upshaw’s consent or knowledge, or the consent or knowledge of any other top NFLPA officials.”

Of course, it’s possible that Moran believes this based only on information shared with her by Upshaw, who in the latter days of his life was increasingly concerned about someone within the organization undermining him.  Upshaw believed that Vincent had tried to launch a coup against the long-time leader of the union, and Upshaw refused to name or groom a successor.

The lawsuit also claims that the U.S. Department of Labor has been investigating the situation, and that new Executive Director De Smith attempted to have the investigation stopped by the U.S. Department of Justice, presumably based on his ties to Attorney General Eric Holder.

Even if these allegations are true, it’s not clear why or how Moran has a viable claim against the union.  Our guess is that she’s claiming that the NFLPA retaliated against her for attempting to bring to light Vincent’s actions.

We’re in the process of getting our mitts on the lawsuit.  Moran’s lawyer has not responded to a request that a copy of the document be forwarded to us.  So we’ll have to get it from the Court.

8 responses to “Lawsuit claims that Troy Vincent was undermining Gene Upshaw

  1. screw gino and moran.
    gino had a player agent (HIS AGENT) on the retirees compensation board.
    someone should sue his estate for undermining retirees.

  2. Or the claims could be bogus, and she filed to save her job. If they fire her now, it does look like retaliation.
    Underming = not considering Gene Upshaw a god but treating him as a mere mortal.

  3. Upshaw was an asshole.
    He made over 6million dollars a year and didn’t help the retired players one bit.

  4. Upshaw was a tool. He deserved to be undermined.
    And since when can’t anyone talk to the Commissioner without that jerk’s permission or consent? Especially the Union President? Child please.

  5. It’s all about keeping the job or getting a hefty sum to accompany her dismissal.
    like it matters to her personally or professionally if vincent and/or upshaw were undermining each other.

  6. If Vincent was meeting with Goddell in secret… how did Moran know about it?
    That alone makes me think there is not much to this lawsuit. Furthermore, since Vincent did not gain control of the union, he couldn’t have used this to retaliate against her.
    It sounds to me like she was buddy-buddy with Upshaw and was playing a political game that blew up in her face. Maybe she should have just done her job. I doubt a HR director’s responsibilities invovle investigating union official’s activities.

  7. unless there is another size nineteen shoe about to drop,this case is bs.straw grasping.

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