League loses half of Colquitt population

It has to be depressing to be one of the players cut early this week as NFL rosters are trimmed to 75.  Not only do you lose your job, you do it with the knowledge that at least 22 guys are ahead of you that will also be released.

Getting the bad news in Denver Tuesday was center Blake Schlueter, punter Britton Colquitt, wide receiver C.J. Jones, and tight end Jeb Putzier.

Schluter is probably the most significant cut; he was a seventh-round pick of the team.  Colquitt’s release hurts the chance for the Colquitt’s to be the Mannings of the punting world — Britton’s brother Dustin punts for the Chiefs.

Putzier was a starter in Denver and Houston in 2005-2006, but he’s been cut three times in the last year and a half.

12 responses to “League loses half of Colquitt population

  1. Ahh so quickly we forget about the last set of brothers to be kicking in the NFL…how can ya forget the Gramatica’s!?!?!? I’d ask them to come out and take a bow but one of them might get hurt running up the stage here….

  2. They already are the Manning’s of the punting world.
    Their pops was on the Steelers during their run in the 70’s/80’s.

  3. Who gives a crap? Where is the story about Osi not showing for practice today?
    Huh FLORIO?
    We all know that you openly cheer against the Cowboys and are a sellout to this horrible NBC website that doesn’t allow posters from the original site to use their REAL screen names, and you don’t ever answer emails from those posters asking WHY we can’t use our old screen names.
    But now you just flat out ignore what is the actual biggest story with BS about no-names getting cut and contracts that tie weight to money.

  4. yeah i agree, whats up with the Osi story? the guy walks out of building & theres only 1 post with Osi saying everythings ok lol…end of story…
    good thing it wasnt something crazy like a rookie trying to hit a scoreboard in a game that didnt count lol. why didnt u post how it wasnt a problem for a vet punter in SF?
    serious Florio leave your fan badge at the door when u come to work if you want to keep ur job.
    now that NBC is running things it might be wise to report the facts & put the pom poms down….
    i am sure the kind people at Fox Sports dont mind giving you some lessons…

  5. You guys realize that you all accuse him of being a homer to different teams right? Think maybe it’s not him?

  6. HE showed some flash of decent kicking…. i guess thats why mcdaniels didnt want him around. We need team players, not standout players like marshall and cutler..

  7. “Who gives a crap? Where is the story about Osi not showing for practice today?”
    The question isn’t “Where is the story,” but rather, “When is the story?” And the answer is “yesterday,” because that’s when it happened.

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