Niners release Damon Huard

Damon Huard got the gate today in San Francisco, released by the 49ers after just five months.

The 36-year-old quarterback who, prior to joining the Niners in March, had played for Miami, New England, and Kansas City now hits the open market.

He’s not that far removed from usefulness.  Huard started 21 games in the past three seasons, and his teams have won 10 of those starts.

New England, which just released 2007 third-round pick Kevin O’Connell, could be interested in having Huard back in their mix.  They currently have Tom Brady nursing a shoulder (sore), veteran backup Andrew Walter, who is new to the Pats system, and undrafted rookie Brian Hoyer.

A call to Huard’s agent, Mike Sullivan, wasn’t immediately returned. (Hmmmph!)

Meanwhile, Niners coach Mike Singletary sent Huard off with a nice, “Attaboy.”  In a statement released by the team, Singletary said Huard “was a professional in every sense.”  [Editor’s note:  Singletary’s choice in conjugation makes us think of a phrase used by one of our commenters . . . “Is he died?”]

Singletary added, “What he did with our quarterbacks was outstanding.  He helped them to have a better idea about what it takes to be a pro.  Not only did he provide great tips throughout, but he helped build their confidence.  It’s one thing to hear what you need to do to get better from someone who never played the game, but when you hear it from a guy like Damon you take his words to heart.”

Since only three of the past 25 Super Bowls were won by coaches who “played the game” at the NFL level, someone’s been taking the words of those other guys to heart. 

But we digress.

7 responses to “Niners release Damon Huard

  1. Don’t worry Damon. You’re a little too young to start for the Vikings, but they’ll give you a ring in a few years….

  2. This is great news for Nate Davis! Congratulations Nate, you are making the Ohio Valley very proud.

  3. No Mention of Nate Davis in the article? The kid has looked stellar in camp — so Huard was cut. With his physical tools, he can be a star if he overcomes his learning disability (dyslexia).

  4. “Since only three of the past 25 Super Bowls were won by coaches who “played the game” at the NFL level, someone’s been taking the words of those other guys to heart. ”
    Tom, welcome to PFT, where you can analyze any statement to death, you can read more into any statement than most would ever do, and you can get pissy about minor, little things.
    Singletary was talking about Huard and mentoring QBs. Maybe Huard, as a 12 year NFL vet has gained some insight into how to play the position. While his 27 starts, 35 TDs, 26 INTS are not sterling, he has been good enough to hang around for more than a cup of coffee. Maybe playing on the same team as Tom Brady helped.
    Then again this may indicate that in the past you have been hammered for reporting on a sport you have never played and this is a dig at a NFL hall of Famer.

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