Pacman has a deal in Canada

With his NFL opportunities exhausted and no apparent desire to work for the upstart American football league that launches next month, cornerback Pacman Jones is heading to Canada.

So much for the notion that Americans with criminal records can’t cross the border to the north.

Per Jim Trotter of, Jones has agreed “in principle” (i.e., he can still bail if an NFL team decides to pursue him ASAFP) to a one-year deal with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

“It’ll be a good experience for me to get back in game shape and
compete and play football, which I like to do,” Jones told Trotter.  “I’m
real happy for the opportunity that’s been given to me.  Of course it’s
disappointing to me to not be playing in the NFL.  But things happen and
you have to adjust.”

The Titans made Jones the sixth overall pick in the 2005 draft.  After a full-year
suspension in 2007 (thanks to a series of brushes with the law) and a multi-game suspension last season, Jones was
cut in the offseason by the Cowboys, and no NFL team expressed serious
interest in signing him. 

As the rumors went, Jones was living in a house owned by Jerry Jones, who held out hope of bringing Pacman back.  But the thinking is that Stephen Jones was dead set against the move.

Winnipeg’s director of player personnel, John Murphy, describes the acquisition of Jones in the middle of the 2009 season as part football strategy, part huckstering.

“If I was in the same position in the NFL I might have a lot more
reservations,” Murphy said. “But for me it’s a win-win.  I’m smart
enough to know that if I’m looking for somebody who can be a playmaker
for the second half of our season, there isn’t a better football player
who’s not in the NFL, at 25 years old, who’s ready to play football, is
going to play with a chip on his shoulder, and is going to bring some
fun and excitement to our team, our locker room, our city, and our

“And at the same time it’s a business decision as well as football
decision,” Murphy said  “From a marketing standpoint, a business standpoint and a
football standpoint, I could go to 100 NFL training camps [editor’s note:  we apparently missed the addition of 68 franchises] and every
preseason game and more people will hear and know about the Winnipeg
Blue Bombers in the next two weeks — from the coverage we’ll receive
— than in the last 10 years.”

Whether that’s good coverage or bad coverage remains to be seen.

Trotter explains that the terms of the deal are not yet available.  So it’s unknown whether the package compares favorably to any offers Jones might have obtained to play in the UFL, whose Commissioner once represented Jones.

Trotter points out that the CFL option possibly gives Jones a quicker path to the NFL, since the standard UFL contract locks the player up until November 28.  However, it appears that several UFL players already have been released from their contracts, even after the supposed deadline for departing of August 1.

Jones is now represented by Jason Fletcher and Worrick Robinson.  Jones recently has mentioned a “Fletcher” on Pacman’s official Twitter page, which hasn’t yet hinted at his new football job.

But Pacman’s page still sports a photo of Jones wearing his finest hooded Zubaz formal wear, which unfortunately might clash a bit with his new colors in Canada.

29 responses to “Pacman has a deal in Canada

  1. Re:”UFL players are prohibited from jumping to the NFL prior to Dec. 1, but CFL players can depart earlier if granted a release from their contract.”

    Can someone name one player who ever played in the CFL during a season and then played in the NFL in the SAME SEASON?
    CFL playoffs end in late November and I never heard of a single player even after his seasonin Canada ending going to play in the NFL the same year. Because I don’t think it is allowed.

  2. “But things happen and you have to adjust.”
    Yeah, like you being a totally mindless thug and the NFL no longer wanting you and your penchant for the scrip clubs.

  3. After “making it rain” at “the ballet” south of the border, I’m sure Blue Bomber fans can’t wait to see what he’ll do with some loonies and toonies – and no, I don’t mean J. Jones and T. Romo.

  4. Next up Mike Vick and Dontie Stallworth
    When I saw the headline I though pac got a job cleaning the bathrooms at tim hortons

  5. “# Erdie says: September 1, 2009 9:39 AM
    Does that mean that we can stop hearing about him already? Please ESPN?”
    ESPN will be happy to oblige. They can use that time to talk about Brett Favre.

  6. Now this is a good move for the Bombers. If he keeps his head and stays away from the ballet, he could add some spark to a lifeless team.
    I haven’t been impressed with the coaching staff or the latest reincarnation of Michael Bishop (not that I was ever impressed with any of the previous incarnations), but at least they’re trying to make something happen.
    Not going to be a difference-maker considering how good Montreal is and how tough the west has turned out to be, but it does give teams something else to think about in their preparations.

  7. America will be safer if Jones is deported but I doubt the authorities at the border with let him in their country.

  8. Wow I live in Winnipeg and this could be very good. Pac Man needs to stay out of trouble, and I think he will. Winnipeg aint a giant media circle either so it should even be easier. So if he does, he will be very good for this team and hopefully make an impact.
    Mike kelly is a coach who doesn’t take garbage. Period. So if Pac man screws up his stint, he will be gone not rather quickly, but immediately. So I think it works.
    But like mentioned, how did he cross the border? I think its total BS if they made an exception for him but who knows what happened.

  9. Sheriff04 says:
    “Wow I live in Winnipeg and this could be very good. Pac Man needs to stay out of trouble, and I think he will. Winnipeg aint a giant media circle either so it should even be easier.”
    Winnipeg will become a media CIRCUS when Pacman gets there. He gonna make it snow!

  10. Finally Pacman takes his place amongst such immortals as Leaf,Mandrich,Bosworth,Shuler,Ware,Phillips,Smith, etc. as one of the biggest busts in the top 10…..Bo knew hockey, does Pacman?

  11. u would wonder if canada would even allow him into the country, by boy couldnt get in because he had a felony drug charge from 10 years ago.
    im all about 2nd chances, and seeing a great comeback story.

  12. CFL post! Whoo-Hoo!
    Regarding US criminals working in Canada, there are methods by which even convicted felons can obtain permission to work north of the border.

  13. Man, someone please tell packman not to “make it rain” in loonies. Someone could really get injured! But then again, maybe Pack will stay away from strip clubs in Canada, they just aren’t the same wearing parkas and toques

  14. “And is going to bring some fun and excitement to our team, our locker room, our city, and our league.”
    He’ll be “making it rain” at the scrip clubs!!!!!!!

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