Report: Andre Smith to miss only 7-10 days

Bengals rookie tackle Andre Smith reportedly broke his foot at practice Tuesday, but not all breaks are created equal.

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports that Smith will be off the field for only 7-10 days, and should be fully back in the mix within two weeks.

Smith reportedly suffered a stress fracture in his left foot, according to La Canfora’s sources.  It sounds like Smith’s status for Week One is still in serious doubt, but the Bengals have avoided a major injury.

Smith’s injury is reportedly similar to one suffered by Broncos running back LaMont Jordan, who missed a week of practice.  Of course, Smith will have to prove when he returns that he can last more than two days without getting hurt again.

24 responses to “Report: Andre Smith to miss only 7-10 days

  1. Here comes the fat jokes…
    Hope he gets better and at least play some this season so we can see if he is the real deal.

  2. What is he the man of steel 10 days to heal a broken foot
    Damn who need health care lets clone this guys blood

  3. A stress fracture, ehh? I seriously doubt that. How could it even be possible that his feet are under any stress.
    In other news….Andre Smith has earned the nickname “Magic Man” after he left the locker room wearing cleats and returned with flat soles. Said WR Chad Ochocinco, when asked about Andre Smith magical powers, “Sh-t, That aint nothin I made my entire career disappear 2 years ago…….Child, Please.”

  4. Don’t expect to see much of Andre Smith (Barring injury to a starter on the O-Line), until week 6 against the Texans at the earliest.

  5. They better figure out a way to restrain the wildly gyrating chest blubber. Maybe they can give him a Rosie O’Donnell sized bra.

  6. Sucks,but it could be worse…
    Can’t wait till 50 people reply about how he will He loses 50% of his money do really expect the guy to throw it away?

  7. DillyBean, you called it. But you can’t blame anyone for that.
    If this tank, and his agent, had their s*** together, he’d have been in on time and been conditioned.
    That said, injuries happen to everyone. I’m not a Bengal fan, but I’m curious to see him play, as well.

  8. DillyBean.
    This site is for realists.
    He’s clearly an idiot. Didn’t know he had to train for the Combine.
    Probably came in just under 390lbs…
    Everyone passed until the Bengals. That should tell you he ain’t the real deal.
    On the plus side, he’s too stupid to end up in jail…

  9. kazkal says: September 1, 2009 7:13 PM
    Sucks,but it could be worse…
    How, might I ask, could this be worse? This is about at bad as it gets. Funny….But about as bad as it gets.

  10. Hey drafty
    Don’t blame lard ass or his agent for not having their shit together… Blame the bungles front office for being too cheap to sign him. If you wanna blame his agent for anything blame him for not getting more for his client.

  11. Now for something totally different……
    This guy is working in his workshop at his house;
    in the process he cuts one of his fingers off….he calls his wife and says “honey, I was working in the woodshop and I cut off one of my fingers, I’m heading to the Hospital!!”…to which she responds “the WHOLE finger?”….and he says “No, the one next to it!!!”!!!
    Sorry, that’s all I’ve got!!

  12. A stress fracture and he’ll be back in a week to 10 days ? Yeah right. They are extremely painful and with that much weight he can very easily reinjure it time after time after time.

  13. Now I have this on great authority from unnamed anonymous sources close to the Bungholes training staff. Apparently Andre stomps his feet while whacking off. While servicing himself this morning in Mike Brown’s personal crapper, he went a bit too far.

  14. Man. Bone and Vet – Does anyone laugh at you material other than you?
    Back to Smith – This guy shouldn’t have been in blocking drills. He is going against guys who are way better conditioned than him and are game-ready. Should have eased him in slowly. (Bone and Vet are thinking “Thats what SHE said”)

  15. The pile of flab has obviously surpassed the tinsel strength of bone.
    I’m sure that a few weeks of sitting on his ass will help. Most likely he will return a few hundred pounds heavier and break some more bones.
    This guy is just plain bad news if you are a fan of his team.

  16. I saw the HBO show tonight – Sept 2 – and immediately came here to PFT to see the injury list and sure enough, Andre Smith is listed.
    All I can say is – I want my money back on behalf of the Bengals.
    This fat fu*k tub of lard has the nerve to wait for a better deal when he’s just a draftee pick when he should have been showing some team spirit and getting onto the field with the others.
    His agent is a shit. A better contract would have been something to the effect of front loading if Smith performs the first year and then performance bonuses slid in every year under contract.
    If its true that he gets 1/2 of the contract money if he stays over 350lbs or isn’t able to play is still a loss for the Bengals.
    All I can say is that if it were me as the owner, I’d be so pissed right now I’d shove Andre Smith out onto the field and break his leg and one arm so he couldn’t exercise and somehow get under the 350lb limit.
    This guy is shit and its a shame for the team.

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