Blue Bombers bail on Pacman Jones

Well, Pacman’s tenure in Canada was a short one.

So short that he never even set foot on Canadian soil.

Despite on-the-record comments from director of player personnel John Murphy indicating that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will be signing the unwanted cornerback, the organization has released a statement indicating that Pacman Jones won’t be playing for the Blue Bombers.

“It is unfortunate that this situation became public however our position has remained consistent,” head coach Mike Kelly said in the team-issued release.  “We will pursue athletes that we believe will contribute to our organization on and off the field.”

(The situation became public, of course, because director of player personnel John Murphy opted to talk about it . . . publicly.) 

“We have completed our assessment and due diligence and at this time we will not be pursuing the services of Adam Jones,” Kelly said.

So there you have it.  The wait continues for Pacman.

And, as one NFL source points out, the CFL might never be an option, based on Canada’s very real reluctance to provide safe harbor to our legal-system misfits.

Eventually, we have a feeling he’ll be sniffing around the UFL, even if they don’t want him.

26 responses to “Blue Bombers bail on Pacman Jones

  1. Can we just stop talking about this guy. I am glad somebody is showing the brighter side of footall. This is much better and serves as a better example of how football should be played: It is a pretty cool idea. This company Cellular South is going to be producing original programming based around five of the best high school rivalries in the state of Mississippi.
    They are also producing “Head To Head”, a reality series centering on the coaching staffs from rival high school teams West Jones Mustangs and Wayne County War Eagles. It sounds pretty sweet.

  2. You’ve been waiting for a while to use Pacman and bail in the same sentence without it involve an arrest, haven’t you?

  3. What about Charles Rogers? Rumor has it he is going to be a Blue Bomber, you know someone who can contribute to their organization on and off the field.

  4. I suspect that the Canadian immigration system may have had something to do with this. They do have restrictions on those with criminal records…. something connected to years beyond the end of probation.

    So damn rare to see a turd get his comeuppance. I haven’t been this happy since nobody decided to pick up Latrell Spreeeewell so he could ‘feed his family’…

  6. UFL needs some big name players, even if for one season.
    Eagles apparently had no interest in Vick until the day he signed…

  7. I bet Pac Man (AKA, Adam Jones, in fact how did he ever get known as Pac man, Carson Palmer and OchoCinco absolutely relished being able to abuse him on the field…) still thinks it was okay for him to eat breakfast at a buffet in an adult club prior a meeting with Roger Goodell. As I recall his comment at the time was “ain’t no shame”.
    Jerry Jones should challenge Pac Man to see if he can hit the scoreboard by punting the football. Hit it and your back on the team, if not, the languishing continues…….
    What makes more sense, making it “rain dollars” in a strip club or setting the height of an NFL scoreboard low enough to be hit by punts? I think the former is much more dangerous, but the latter makes just about as much sense.

  8. I am sure that the “stand-up” UFL, led by a man with as much “integrity” as Huyghue, would would not sign Pacman Jones now, because they said they weren’t interested.

  9. that is awesome. i love it. no football for you pacman, hey???? guess what dickhead? your a ligit criminal who belongs in a halfway house being monitered. Dante Stallworth is keeping your electronic ankle bracelet warm.

  10. He was signed, but with his “criminal background” he was not allowed across the border, that is why this deal fell apart.

  11. On pacman’s resume it says he majored in,”gangster-ass-shit, homey.” With a minor in “the buisness of slapping punk-bitches.” I never knew they taught that stuff in college?

  12. You can electrocute dogs and still find work in this business. How much of a thug is this guy, and why does Jerry Jones love him so much?

  13. Ouch!
    It’s like having your hot-ass girlfriend dump you
    days before the prom.
    You then decide to take Hilga Liebowitz to the prom out of desperation, even though she only has one leg. You practice one-legged waltzing at home in the mirror.
    As soon as you start getting to be a pretty good one-legged dancer, Hilga calls and tells you that she has found someone better-looking to go with.
    Sorry Adam…

  14. Too bad – the strip club industry in Winnepeg was really looking forward to Pac making it rain “loonies”.

  15. Well, let’s see. Nobody in the NFL wants Pacman anymore. He’s been looked at and then turned down by the CFL. And word is that even a fledgling league like the UFL (who is dying to get “name” players) has said “no thanks” to this guy.
    Oh, well, there’s always the WWE. We know Vince McMahon is willing to hire almost anybody to perform. That may be Pacman’s next stop…

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