Broncos to go easy with Knowshon

So far, 2009 has been nothing but a hard-luck country song for Josh McDaniels.

One quarterback pouts his way out of town, the guy who replaces him finishes a preseason game with the bone sticking out of his pointer finger, your pissed off wideout is auditioning for punter.

Given all that, the Broncos head coach said today that, while first-round running back Knowshon Moreno could play against the Cardinals in Thursday night’s preseason finale, it might not be prudent at this juncture.

According to the Denver Post, McDaniels said today that Moreno “would be capable of playing, but I’m not exactly sure if that’s the smartest decision.”

Moreno, the 12th overall pick out of Georgia, returned to practice Tuesday after injuring his knee in the preseason opener against the Niners.

Still, McDaniels didn’t rule out using him.  (Gulp.)

“We’re going to talk about that, taking all the information into account and making sure we do the smart thing by the player and make sure we’re ready for next week,” McDaniels said.

If something does happen, Mr. Murphy may be wondering why his law has now been changed to McDaniels’ Law.

16 responses to “Broncos to go easy with Knowshon

  1. In other words, McDaniels has no idea of what he is doing. The trend of successful young coaches ends here.

  2. You say “hard luck”, I say “dumbass-ery”.
    Don’t worry, if it’s the “smart thing”, the “smartest decision”, if it’s the thing that everyone else knows McDanny boy should do–he’ll (arrogantly) do the exact opposite.
    Jay may have “pouted” (one man’s “pout” is another man’s “dignity”) his way out of town, but you have to at least give him credit for being savvy/intuitive enough to know to get off a sinking ship when he’s on one.
    Oh, btw–don’t forget how they threw away their 1st round pick to the Seahawks.

  3. I’ve hated the Broncos since the 80’s, but I’m pulling for McDaniels now. This guy has more stacked against him than a young coach should have to deal with.

  4. According to the Denver Post, McDaniels said today that Moreno, “would be capable of playing, but I’m not exactly sure if that’s the smartest decision.”
    Here’s the rest of the story:
    Josh- “So, we’ve decided to do the next dumbest thing for Moreno, and trade him to the Chiefs for their 1st rounder in next year’s draft.”

  5. I tend to agree with Alpheratz.
    Because he has a sort of condescending smile people haven’t liked him from the beginning, and everyone assumes he’s a bad guy, and have been out for his head from the beginning. Not sure he’s deserved all that.

  6. It depends on what you consider bad luck.
    The best thing that could happen to McDaniels right now is to go into the regular season with lowered expectations.
    Injuries tend to help with that.

  7. Does everyone understand that Denver was 16th in scoring last year? As great as Jay Cutler is, we weren’t scoring a lot of TDs with him, I don’t think a lot will change without him. Mike Shanahan’s offense is based off the run, not the pass. The reason Denver was put in a position to pass is because all of their runners went down!
    Their rushing yardage was solid, and it will be better with solid, healthy running backs. Stocking the position is probably a smart move Moe Lester. Do you understand football at all?
    Smart decisions?? How about:
    -Cutting Dre Bly and half the awful defense
    -Switching out of a defensive scheme that was not working anymore
    -Bringing in a proven defensive coach to fix that aspect on the team (give time)
    -Trading the likes-to-have-fun drinker who CLEARLY did not want to be there anymore
    -Bringing in Brian Dawkins
    Seriously, lay off McDaniels. Your probably a Raider fan anyway so who the hell cares what you think.

  8. I also would rather go through a year of rebuilding, possibly winning 5 or 6 games, then win 10-12, then continuously go 8-8 or 9-7, as was the case with Shanahan.
    I have never seen so many people crap on a guy for trying to mold the team in his image. Who cares if its the New England way? Shanahan built Denver into San Francisco west and no one seemed to care. Not only that, but we won superbowls doing it.

  9. I’m a Patriots fan and liked McDaniels as the OC while he was here. But I don’t buy the “bad luck” angle when it comes to Cutler. How that angle of possibly making a change at QB didn’t come up with Pat Bowlen during the interview process, I’ll never know. But when you try to trade for a guy that you feel “comfortable with”(see Cassel) and that gets leaked out, the you know what was going to hit the fan. Watching Cassel in KC and Cutler in Chicago, it’s hard to imagine a coach thinking they needed to make that particular change. It was a foolish way to start out your personnel overhaul. And it blew up in his face.
    I think he could be a good coach, but that one’s on him as far as I’m concerned. I mean, hell, they could have just let Cutler stew for a while and then things would have simmered down in the offseason, and he’d be there right now. They messed that thing up. No two ways about it.

  10. He is trying to be like Billy in NE. Lower extremity injury, upper extremity injury.
    Being vague about preseason games just makes you look foolish.

  11. Dude, just another rotten apple off of the Belichick tree ? Dude, you most be one of the most jealous tools around or you’re just extremely stupid. I’m voting for the latter.

  12. McDaniels is just another BS coaching apprentice from belicheks genius cheat farm up in foxboro.
    weiss – sucks
    crennel sucked
    mcdaniels – will suck

  13. Hey “EdgarSnyder”. The “cheat” thing is really gay. That’s what uneducated housewives say at cocktail parties. “Oh…..that Bellcheck guy? Yeah….he’s the one that cheated, right?”…… Yeah, whatever. You sound like a little whiny assclown.
    If all the assistants suck so much, it just goes to show you how great a coach Belichick is. He wins even with sucky assistant coaches, right? And by the way, since the little home movie cameras went away, the Patriots record is 29-6. Just in case you are scoring at home.

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