Casey Hampton on the outs?

As the huge roster reduction from 75 to 53 approaches (the deadline is Saturday at 6:00 p.m. ET), some veteran players could be on the bubble.

One such player, according to Jason La Canfora of NFL Network (i.e., don’t blame us), possibly is Steelers nose tackle Casey Hampton.

Asked during a Monday chat whether he sees any potential surprises on the cut-down horizon, La Canfora wrote, “One player I am sniffing around on right now is Casey Hampton.  [Editor’s note:  That’s one hell of an image with which to start the morning.]  Steelers
could use some cap room, he may not be [someone] they would extend at
this point.  [I’d] think a trade is more likely, but some people I know
close to the situation say they would not be stunned if a move of some
sort was made.”


Last year, Hampton showed up for training camp well above his target weight, and he was held out of practice until August 10.  (Thanks, Rotoworld.)  He went on to start 13 regular-season games and three postseason contests, including the Super Bowl.

This year, Hampton showed up within his proper weight, and he has started each of the three preseason games.  And while he’s entering the final year of his contract, at a salary of $3.075 million, the Steelers typically don’t move guys that they might not be planning to re-sign.  Instead, the Steelers allow them to finish out their deals, and then to leave.

As word of La Canfora’s opinion has made the round, Hampton addressed the matter after practice on Tuesday.

Oh, they’re going to cut me today?” Hampton said, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

But Hampton then addressed his uncertain future, given that defensive end Brett Keisel was picked to receive a five-year deal — and Hampton wasn’t.

“If they let me get to free agency, everybody knows what it’s going
to be,” Hampton said. “There ain’t nothing
to even talk about.”

If La Canfora’s “sniffing around” Hampton yields other than the smell of Twinkie crumbs, Hampton might be a free agent six months before he otherwise planned to be.

28 responses to “Casey Hampton on the outs?

  1. I’d be stunned if La Canfora knew what he was talking about on this. On its face, it’s a pretty absurd idea.

  2. Cowboys and Broncos got to be high on the list.
    He doesn’t make it past Detroit on the waiver wire though.

  3. Yes, the Steelers are going to cut Hampton and go into the season with only one 3-4 Nose Tackle.

  4. Please call Parcells, Please call Parcells….errr Ireland.
    We’ll give you Jason Allen, Matt Roth, and Paul Soliai for Hampton.
    We would have thrown in Ernest Wilford too, but you snooze, you lose.

  5. Not happening.
    “Casey Hampton laughed yesterday and so did coordinator Dick LeBeau over the “report” on the NFL Network that the four-time Pro Bowl nose tackle could be cut or traded before the start of the season”
    Pittsburgh doesn’t negotiate contracts during the regular season. Everyone knows that, you’ve even said it on this site. So why cut Hampton to save $3 million in cap space, when the season starts next Thursday, and the front office won’t even use it to extend anyone else?
    In fact, Hampton also says that LeBeau has designed new packages to keep Hampton on the field on third downs and passing situations – something Hampton hasn’t been used for before. They’re expanding his role on the team; doesn’t sound like someone who’s about to be cut or traded.
    The Steelers may or may not decide to keep Hampton around after this season (he is turning 32 tomorrow). But for right now, he’s a key piece of the Steelers #1 defense, and if they want to repeat, he’s a necessary piece of the puzzle. La Canfora is talking out of his behind.

  6. Hey Florio can we stop with these lame “Editors note” in every single topic you write about? I know you’re trying to be funny but I think you’re trying way to hard here. Doing things in moderation can be a good thing too.

  7. Big mistake. Prototypical 3-4 nose guards do not grow on trees. With most of the league playing the 3-4, Hampton would be snapped up instantly.

  8. Its pretty comical to think the Steelers would cut him now. Why do they need to save the cap space at the moment? All but 2 starters returned, and one is replaced by Timmons, with some flex room under the cap with the new deal to Keisel. Sounds like La Canfora is just trying to generate talk for his column and get his name out there.

  9. wouldnt mind seeing him in detroit….we already have larry foote his old MLB behind him….then grady jackson next to him would be a nice run stopping unit

  10. I can’t see this happening. The Steelers don’t have a reliable big body replacement for Big Snack. Hoke is OK in a pinch, but not for 16 games. Team will proabably draft NT with 1st pick next year.

  11. Florio you’re just as dumb as La Canfora. It makes no sense to get rid of Hampton. Everyone knows its a odd situation with Hampton but cutting or trading him wouldn’t benefit the Steelers, even if they got a 1st round pick for him. Go write what QB the Browns are going to pick, Steelers fan are waiting to find out who the Steel Curtain gets to torment this year.

  12. Yet another guy with an overly inflated opinion of himself and his “worth”. He has slowly eaten himself out of the league.

  13. Well, that sure looks like item one for the prosecution of Jason LaContarda on the grounds of incompetance.
    The SB winners decide not to try to repeat and gut the middle of their D line for shits and giggles.

  14. @FireJerryJones – “He doesn’t make it past Detroit on the waiver wire though.”
    Uhh… Hampton would be an instant free agent. He doesn’t have to clear waivers.

  15. On ice or grass,
    we’ll kick your ass.
    Pittsburgh Steelers & Pittsburgh Penguins
    2009 World Champions

  16. There he goes again with his “Wow” single lines on innocuous stories to inflate his article length again. Good job Florio! Being guilty of the worst sort of high school book report tricks to over inflate an article.

  17. SteelTown6 says:
    September 2, 2009 9:19 AM
    On ice or grass,
    we’ll kick your ass.
    Pittsburgh Steelers & Pittsburgh Penguins
    2009 World Champions
    How about this one:
    I’ve been on ice and on grass,
    and they both kicked my ass.
    Bam Morris

  18. No way Hampton gets cut but maybe he’s available via trade.
    He’s exactly what the Raiders need.
    I hope Mr Davis makes it happen.
    Haters, GFY.

  19. Signed,
    Bam Morris
    That’s just wrong….
    Anyways, Florio’s an idiot. Big Snack AND future HOF’er LeBeau have already shrugged this off. Meteorologists have always gotten by with guessing at their job. I suppose sports bloggers can too. Who needs accountability?

  20. “…@callmecougar says: September 2, 2009 10:05 AM …”
    Bam Morris was a total bust. The Steelers wasted zero time cutting his sorry ass.
    On June 27, 1996, Morris pleaded guilty to felony possession of marijuana in a plea bargain deal in front of a Rockwall County, Texas judge.
    He was cut by the Steelers after the guilty plea and signed as a free agent with the Baltimore Ravens. [snicker] He wore uniform number 33 as a Raven. After two seasons, both marked with suspensions concerning the NFL’s substance abuse policy, Morris was released. He signed with the Chicago Bears during training camp but was cut before playing in a regular season game. He then signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.

  21. Oh these “rumor” articles are becoming more humorous.
    How does this make any sense? They are going to replace a starter with a career backup and go into the season with 1 NT on the roster?
    Hampton’s salary decreased from $3.8M in 2008 to just under $3.1M in 2009. He’s already a bargain.
    There is no need to move him. They don’t need the cap space and they don’t need to make sure they get something for him (assuming he goes FA next off season).

  22. He’ll be in Pittsburgh this season. He says he’d rather stay with the Steelers, but at the end of the season when he becomes a free agent, if he wants a huge paycheck, they won’t overpay; (They never do) and then one of the teams that always overpays will sign him.

  23. LOL next we will see Jason La canfora say the steelers are either cutting or trading Polamalu for cap reasons lol . JASON sucks ….. He has no talent except making absurbed comments that arent remotely true .

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