Charles Rogers can't play in Canada

Well, so much for that Pacman Jones-Charles Rogers get-together in Winnipeg.

Rogers reportedly had made arrangements to join Pacman with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. 

But there’s a problem.  Rogers remains under suspension with the NFL.  As a result, he’s not eligible to play in the CFL.

The CFL adopted that rule so that it wouldn’t become a haven for the NFL’s bad boys.

But since it only applies to guys currently on suspension, Pacman remains eligible.

4 responses to “Charles Rogers can't play in Canada

  1. This makes sense……….Cowgirl fans all last year said that Jerry’s rehab process was a success…If only jerry had traded away the draft for Rogers .He’d have made it….But all is not lost………The rest of the NFL should be take heed to the Skelators success ratio within these parimeters……You know tank, TO and adam, etc……oh wait, none are on the team now..That was last years diatribe….He’s a genius for ridding the team of these cancers..Love the scorboard jerral…..He’s like a social worker, bettering america, iron workers and now canada…..

  2. Dude is NEVER playing in the NFL again. They should do him a favor and lift the suspension. Allow him to try to make a little money playing football.
    And wasn’t Ricky suspended from the NFL, and under contract with the ‘Fins, when they “allowed” him to play that year in the CFL?
    Wonder if the new league has the same suspension rule?

  3. @ Tiki’s Barber, yes Ricky was suspended from the NFL when he went up to Canada to play, it was because of him playing there that the CFL put in the rule that if you are suspended in any league then you cannot play in the CFL.

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