Colt Brennan gets humbled

Colt Brennan’s stock reportedly fell in the 2008 draft because of his attitude as much as his funky throwing motion.

After a great rookie preseason and a strong start to his second training camp, Brennan was puffing his chest out and thinking he could swipe Todd Collins’ job as the team’s backup quarterback.  Just a few humbling weeks later, Brennan is on the roster bubble.

Brennan has completed only 13-of-27 passes with one touchdown, three interceptions, and seven sacks in three preseason games and could lose his job as Washington’s third quarterback to Chase Daniel.

And it sounds like Brennan’s attitude has been necessarily adjusted, according to Jason Reid of the Washington Post: “The swagger Brennan displayed before camp and preseason has been
replaced by outward humility, which has been a refreshing change to
some in the organization who thought the kid used to be way too
arrogant for someone who had accomplished, well, nothing,” Reid wrote.

If there are too many in the organization that share this belief, the arrogance that cost Brennan some spots in the draft could also cost him a job.  (On the bright side, this could free Brennan up for some quality time with Yoko Romo.) 

24 responses to “Colt Brennan gets humbled

  1. Chase Daniel is wayyyyy better than Colt Brennan.
    This says all you need to know about Colt Brennan.
    Colt Brennan. lol.

  2. There’s something I want to say.
    I’ve learned something out here on the road.
    —- Pee Wee Herman in “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.”

  3. If Brennan gets axed he won’t have the social status required to get with fat, B-list celebs.

  4. # as big as a hat says: September 2, 2009 7:22 PM
    If Brennan gets axed he won’t have the social status required to get with fat, B-list celebs.
    Truer words have not been spoken.
    Maybe though Colt can class it up and at least dump Yoko Romo at a Perkins or something, instead of at an iHop.

  5. There are things about Colt that you wouldn’t understand. Things you couldn’t understand.
    Things, you shouldn’t understand.

  6. Forget about Brennan and Daniel,if you get rid of Campbell let the other two compete for the starting job.

  7. Every QB the Skins have on the roster is terrible! Nice job with the player personnel Vinny and Danny Boy Snyder. FYI Dan Snyder, the NFL is not fantasy football. You and Vinny both suck at your jobs.

  8. If you ask me the jerk is the moron who wrote this (Rosenthal).
    Thinking he could “swipe” Todd Collins’ job? What the hell does that mean you iliterate hack?

  9. As a Husker fan, I watched Chase Daniel tear up the Big 12, running a very talented Missouri offense. I was stoked when I found out the Redskins had gotten him as a free agent! I couldn’t believe he hadn’t been drafted.
    Zorn’s offense needs a guy who can manage a game effectively, and swaggering around then forcing the ball into a 99-yard pick six, like Colt did, isn’t it.
    Daniel over Brennan. Daniel can play at this level. I’m not convinced that Brennan can.

  10. Sucks when you’re fighting for a 3rd string position when your starting quarterback is the worst in the league.

  11. EskinSux says: “I think “pee wee herman” quotes should be banned……Just doesn’t seem rihght”
    I don’t know. For a Dan Snyder team, Pee Wee seems strangely appropriate.

  12. LMAO@the Redskins
    The Redskins deserver to be stuck with game managing QBs so that they can continue their annual march to mediocrity.
    I’m hearing if Brennan is cut, the Broncos will grab him in a nano second and I say FRIGGIN-A!!!! There is nothing funny about being stuck with Kyle “Cave Man” Orton.
    Brennan may not possess the strong arm Cutler had, but Brennan has better intangibles and I’m certain better ball placement. I guarantee the city of Denver will fall head over heals for him a lot more than they did for Cutler. Cutler had the personality of an grumpy old man.
    So c’mon Daniel Snyder, make it happen! Cut or send Brennan to Invesco Field.

  13. I too live in Nebraska, watched Mizzu, and view Daniel as nothing more than a punk wannabe. He’s every bit as “confident”, that is full-of-himself-swagger. Whined alot. Would not survive the pressure/shots in the East and could not play with this line, in this division, in this offense.
    Neither player is the answer.
    That being said, he is the better option of the two.

  14. Ya! Some pee wee fans in the house!
    Brennan is a wierdo. If a cleat chasing co-ed is repulsed by you pulling out your junk-and your the QB of Colorado-somethin aint right.
    Best Pee Wee B.A. parts-
    1. Francis having his bath-when he yells “FIRE!-RROAR!”
    2. I say we letthim go.-NOOOOOOO!

  15. Daniels?
    He played three series of garbage time against 3rd and 4th string steelers and only got the ball for the second score because of ridiculous fumble on the Pitt 20.
    Brennan played very well against the Pats 1st string D and the pick 6 should have never happened. Two plays prior should have been six but the receiver forgot to turn. The TD pass was perfect, JC (and many others in the league) could never make that throw.
    If they cut Colt, there will 6 or more teams including the Pats hoping to get him. Chase will clear waivers and be available for the PS. Knowing the Skins, they probably will cut Colt and he’ll haunt them for the next ten years.

  16. What they ought to do is blitz that Tom Brady more, you know they can’t cover the pat’s WR’s. Gibbs should have seen it by the end of the first half.

  17. I saw Daniel play in a nationally televised HS game on ESPN shortly after he committed to Missouri. I am not at all suprised that he wasn’t drafted but have been impressed with his attitude and work ethic during TC. Although people say he is too short to play in the NFL, he is exactly the same hight as Drew Brees who is one of the top QBs in the league.

  18. I guess alot of people that post on PFT also attend redskins practices since they all seem to think Chase is the answer. Chase had Macklin and Coffman at Mizzu, Brennan had dick at Hawaii. They are both unproven and who the hell knows which is better, but for you jacka$$es to say Chase is better cause he played in the fourth quarter against scrubs and benefited from a 25 yard run from Mason and a 15 yard run from Dorsey and they also went for it on fourth down that drive, the you are a MORAN! The best part is so is 99% of the redskins dreadful organization so they will probally cut both and pick up Rosenfels of waivers. I hate you danny boy.

  19. Why do so many people like Steve-O take shots at the writers on this site? Seems like every story has a lots of haters spewing venom in the comments section. If you hate the writers on this site so much, why do you come here?

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