Moonshine heading to Nashville?

Free-agent receiver Matt Jones, ignored for months on the free-agent market, could soon have a new NFL home.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Jones will be working out for the Titans on Thursday.

The Cowboys and the Bears also have expressed an interest in the converted quarterback, who was a first-round draft pick in 2005.

“This is moving quickly,” agent Alan Herman said Wednesday, apparently after waking up from a nap that began when Jones was released by the Jaguars on March 16.  “We’re ready to go and get a deal done, and we’re optimistic we will.  Matt is in outstanding shape, he’s ready to go, and we think Tennessee would be a great fit.”

Coincidentally, Titans coach Jeff Fisher recently disputed a report from Schefter that the team had contacted Marvin Harrison.  The fact that the Titans are bringing in Jones seems to indicate that, at a minimum, the Titans would have put out a feeler for Harrison.

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  1. “This is moving quickly,” agent Alan Herman said Wednesday, apparently after waking up from a nap that began when Jones was released by the Jaguars on March 16.
    I bet Jones offered him a little “pick-me-up” to get going after that long nap…
    Seriously, though–I think Jones will make a nice addition somewhere.
    I’d like to see him & Bennett mixing it up for the #2 role in Chicago, giving Cutler another tall white boy end zone target to mismatch against the smaller DBs.
    And I think he’d make a reliable *possession* guy.

  2. Why are you so eager to slurp Schefter’s butthole?? The guy’s a third-rate news reader. That’s it. He reads things to a camera. Knows Jack S about football.

  3. SWEET. i drafted him in my fantasy league as a last pick scrub just in case. now he is going to a team where he will be the top receiver.

  4. 1) “The fact that the Titans are bringing in Jones seems to indicate that, at a minimum…”
    ProFootballConjuectureTalk rolls on….
    2) Moonshine Jones, ranks right up there with Lord Favre on the scale of professional journalism. Maybe your next article can explain why a paid professional needs to use derisive names for the athletes he’s paid to cover.

  5. I predicted on the Jaguars website blog that the Titans would pick up Matt Jones 3 months ago and I was ridiculed and crucified . Now I am going to predict that Jones will DESTROY the Jaguars when they face the Titans. Bet the farm on this one. He will score at least 3 touchdowns minimum

  6. I thought you said he was headed for Minnesota? Oh, right, that was last week’s “I need to fill space to justify myself to NBC” conjecture.

  7. The Titans and Fisher must really be desperate if there looking at bringing in this coke head.
    He is not a finished product to put it mildly as a NFL WR.
    The one police officer in the Nashville Police department ( traffic and narcotics) is really looking forward to meeting Matt Jones at some point in the not to distant future. No way I want this guy on my team.

  8. As a Razorback living in JAX Matt Jones never stood a chance. The fans and coaches gave him one year to convert and then gave up on him. Matt was treated like crap here long before he got in trouble and then of course there was the evil drinking beer event in arkansas. Matt had 641 yards last year and did not play in four games ( over 1000 yard if you avg it out) So what do the jags do. The complaint in Jax was that none of our guys could go deep. THATS BECAUSE WE NEVER SENT THEM DEEP! The year prior to last we had the 2nd ranked rushing offense and Del Rio gives his WR’s you guessed it a Wr coach with 0000000 years NFL exp. So I can’t wait to get a matt Jones jersey in titans colors and wear it all week long in Jax before the jags get waxed by the titans.

  9. People in Nashville beware; the Arkansas faithful will be destroying your message board. They have fans from Toadsuck AR. Can you believe a town named Toadsuck?! It reminds me of my younger days going to Grateful Dead concerts.

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