Report: Jets considering Brandon Marshall trade

We recently wrote that, based on various rumors we’ve been hearing, we believe that the Broncos are talking to a small handful of teams regarding a trade for receiver Brandon Marshall.

According to Bob Glauber of Newsday, one of those teams is the New York Jets.

Per Glauber, the Jets are “seriously considering” the possibility of doing a deal for the guy who, one week ago today, was practicing his punting.

And it’s no surprise.  G.M. Mike Tannenbaum surely realizes that he narrowly avoided getting the Mangini treatment in January, and Tannenbaum surely is smart enough to realize that another season of unfulfilled expectations could get him a lot closer to the chopping block (but yet not smart enough to avoid Marshall like a hot dog topped off with chili, onions, and swine flu).

With receiver Laveranues Coles gone and not yet replaced (unless Chansi Stuckey is the real deal), the Jets need someone who can help Tannenbaum’s prior 2009 big risk — rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez — look good by getting open and catching the ball.

So, yeah, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Jets make a move that other teams would likely avoid, given Marshall’s various warts and flaws and questions marks.  From Tannenbaum’s perspective, Marshall needs to play hard and keep it together only for the coming season.  The Jets can worry about whether Marshall will be a good long-term fit in 2010.

At a minimum, look for the Jets to do something, whether it’s a trade with the Eagles, a scan of the Saturday cut list, or, at a minimum, giving Amani Toomer a tire kicking.

31 responses to “Report: Jets considering Brandon Marshall trade

  1. Moss was a lot more of a jerk before he went to the pats….and look at how that turned out. As a Jet fan I say if you can get him go do it. They know Sanchez can throw the deep ball…they just need someone to go get it.

  2. New York needs a replacement for Plax. Maybe this guy will shoot his nuts off.
    This could be another dumb trade for a dumb franchise.
    Us Packer fans thank you for the 3rd round pick this year.

  3. Everyone sounded off saying Randy Moss was damaged goods a few years ago and what has he done since ? With the right Team and the right supervision I think Marshall could be as good as Moss but I doubt the Jets are that Team. Personally I’d like to see him shipped off to the UFL or CFL but it will never happen. Bottom line is the NFL really doesn’t give a rats A$$ about character. If Pacman had any talent he’d still be in the NFL, it wasn’t his off field actions that got him booted, he just sucked.

  4. Moss was a lot more of a jerk before he went to the pats…
    You might want to look into Marshall’s background a bit before you make that statement; Moss was an a-hole at times particularly in that incident with the Meter Maid (but come on, that happens to Meter Maids in NYC all the time). Brandon Marshall is to his girlfriend as Carter Beauford is to his drum set; only the music isn’t quite so beautiful.
    He’s a great player on the field though. With last year’s whiney-petulant player up in the land of Vikings you have room for a new one. What do you have that they need on the defensive side of the ball?. I don’t think they’ll take Gholston.

  5. Can the Jets even afford the brand new shiny contract he’s gonna want upon signing?
    Jenkins, Faneca, Scott, Sanchez, Revis, Gholston, Rhodes…where are the Jets getting the cap room for a guy is gonna want Top 5 money?

  6. @munchkin
    Yes, Randy Moss was a saint aside from the meter maid.
    How many colleges did he get kicked out of again?

  7. Moss had a few issues but he isn’t even in the same category as this BM (bowel movement–Brandon Marshall, take your pick). Marshall hits women, despises the game and his teamates. With his baggage anyone who gives up more than a 3rd round pick is crazy. Remember, Moss went from MN to Oakland for a 2nd round pick because that was the best they could get for him, and then went to NE for a 5th round pick. To even say BM and first round pick in the same sentence is an insult to common sense.

  8. If the Jets give Denver a #1 for this punk they are …..
    Let David Clowney play and forget this turd.

  9. Billy in NE has turned around troubled players before and he watches over them alike a shepard does his flock.
    Takes a strong influence to help a head case and I don’t think the Jets have that.

  10. Yes, Randy Moss was a saint aside from the meter maid.
    How many colleges did he get kicked out of again?

    Actually only one: Florida State. He violated his high school assault probation when he was found to have smoked pot, and FSU kicked him out.
    I doubt you will find too many perfect people in the NFL or elsewhere. Obviously the amount of imperfection varies, and might even be subjective in some cases. Hell, even one of the players considered a “model” NFL person on and off the field, Peyton Manning, allegedly assaulted a female trainer while at Tennessee.

  11. For those of you not from Denver, BMarshall hasn’t suddenly become an ass. He was a problem child in HS, in college, and now in the pros. Mike Shanahan put up with his antics and even he suspended him, a coach that was widely known as a “player’s coach”.
    To compare him to Moss is slightly unfair. Yes, both have/had legal troubles, but what Marshall has done is different. He has been consistently in trouble with the law. Between his drinking and legal fees, many in Denver believe that he’s broke. He is known as an undisciplined child, and was even called out for his immaturity by Jay Cutler.
    Being called immature by Jay Cutler………..
    He simply does not understand right from wrong most of the time, which is scary in an adult. By most accounts, he is the reason Darrent Williams was killed. I am a Broncos fan, and I know where the team is headed, but I still do not want him representing the organization. Yes, he’s a talent, but you can only go so far on talent. If the Broncos can get at least something for him, get rid of him. Then, focus on making the team better.
    I will also say this: If he goes to the Jets, good luck. Rex Ryan might be a good coach, but he’s a chip off the old block. He’s arrogant and talks too much, and I see that relationship being a problem.
    As a Broncos fan: I didn’t want to get rid of Cutler. I still can’t believe they did it. On the flip side, I want to get rid of Marshall. Fast. Even if we lose fourteen games this year, we need dignity in the organization, and he surely doesn’t bring that.

  12. Marshall is a turd. It’s easier to advocate the Jets trading for him when you don’t have to deal with him on a daily basis.

  13. Tough situation for Denver. It’s clear that Marshall is a problem child who is not going to have a long-term future in Denver…it appears that bridge is already burned. However, you have a couple of factors at play here:
    1. Because *everyone* knows he is in disfavor, his trade value has taken a hit. He still has value–no doubt. But less than he had a month ago.
    2. Whether objectively true or not, there is the public perception in Denver that they traded away Cutler for too little. Should Denver trade Marshall, if they don’t get the moon for him the Denver fan base is probably going to go ape. Thus there is an enormous amount of pressure on the team to get *a lot* if they trade him. I would suggest right now that the expectations of the Denver fans of what they would want to get in exchange for Marshall is nowhere near the reality of even the best-case scenario for what Denver actually *can* get for Marshall.
    3. There is also pressure on the team to have Orton play well–very well–this season. If Orton plays well, then (to a certain degree) there will be a sense of vindication regarding the Cutler trade; or at the very least some of the criticisms will be lessened. If Orton flops, then the dissatisfaction with the Cutler trade will increase tenfold. Without Marshall on the field and performing at a high level for the Broncos, what are the odds on Orton having a really good year? Who are the receivers who are going to be able to get open enough where Orton can dependably hit them?
    Broncos are stuck between a rock and a hard place here.

  14. The fact that Leon Washington hasn’t yet been given a new deal and now they are considering trading for this clown scares me!

  15. it’s sad for the broncos because they already have a pie in the face from the cutler deal, and now Marshall is cancer on the team. They are in a no win…u can’t keep the guy, and nobody is going to give sqaut for this guy. If they are lucky the best they can get is maybe a 3rd round pick, and who ever takes him, is rolling the dice, because he is a ticking time bomb, who is one incident away from being suspended for a year.
    One fact is the AFC West is getting bad!

  16. I hope Rex doesn’t get this done so the ravens can scoop him up. His attitude is nothing reverand Ray Ray can’t fix

  17. Absolutely none of this would have happened, no cutler trade no Marshall problems, and most importantly they would not have a complete pushover for a coach if they would have not fired shanahan… He was and is a great coach

  18. # Krow says: September 2, 2009 11:25 AM
    Why aren’t the Eagles after this guy?
    Yuk, yuk, yuk. Because problem player = Eagles signing, right?
    Too bad they’ve already got the best WR corps in the division, and old man “collarbone” Roy Williams can only hope to be half of the receiver DeSean Jackson is.

  19. I wouldn’t mind the Eagles picking him up if they could get him for low draft picks. Worst case he acts up and you suspend him w/o pay, losing only a couple low-value draft picks. Best case is he shows up happy and puts up numbers like Moss did for the pats.

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