"Sibling disputes" triggered exit of Richardson brothers

A day after Jon and Mark Richardson surprisingly resigned their positions with the Carolina Panthers, a reason for the move is emerging.

The boys simply couldn’t get along.

According to Charles Chandler of the Charlotte Observer, “[o]ngoing sibling disputes” resulted in the joint resignations.

And the joint resignations apparently resulted from a decision by their father, Jerry Richardson, to figuratively clunk their heads together and tell them to get out.

It’s a shame, but it’s not uncommon.  Sometimes, brothers shouldn’t be working together.  The surprise here is that Richardson opted to move both of them out of the organization at the same time.

Moving forward, we wouldn’t be surprised if Mark Richardson eventually returns, becoming the day-to-day leader of the team whenever Jerry decides to step away from it.

For now, however, the founder of the 15-year-old franchise is back in the captain’s chair.

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  1. I think it’s funny when people feel the need to comment “boring”. If a story doesn’t relate to anything you are interested in, dont read it. If you know you dont care about the topic, but you read it anyway, then why are you surprised it’s boring? That just seems stupid on your part.
    This website obviously banks on quantity, not quality. I am an update junkie, I refresh constantly. That is why I like this site. They put out like a gazillion stories a day. Not all of them are going to be breaking news about whatever you’re interested in.
    I dont think this is boring, but I work next door to Bank of American stadium.

  2. Maybe Big Boy Ben Rapelisberger should sit down and speak with them about how to me a ‘man’ in today’s NFL.

  3. I had to fire my brother from my business because he became a cokehead and starting stealing from the cashbox. Now, my mom is pissed at me! WTF!!!

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