UFL glad Pacman went north

With reports linking former Titans and Cowboys cornerback Pacman Jones to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (more on that in a bit), there’s a belief in some circles that Jones picked the CFL over the UFL.

Per a UFL source, however, there’s a sense of relief that he didn’t attempt to pursue a career in the new league.

According to the source, the upstart league wasn’t interested in adding him to the league’s premier season. 

The source says that Jones had spoken once with New York Sentinels coach Ted Cottrell, but that was the extent of it.

Also, the UFL doesn’t anticipate signing Jones after the CFL season ends, given that most CFL deals include an option for a second year, from which Jones would have to be released in order to join the UFL.

Coincidentally, Jones was once represented by UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue, who worked as a player agent before taking his current position. 

7 responses to “UFL glad Pacman went north

  1. According to the CowGirls homers, Jerry Jones rehabilitated Pac last year, and other teams should take note how successful Jerry is at rehabbing thugs, hell, we heard it all last year Calvin Hill as a baby sitter, a 24/7 entourage……..He is a model citizen now…….Right?

  2. UFL could use any big name… what a joke… bring back the arena league, the league where Philadelphia are reigning football champions!!!

  3. “The UFL wasn’t interested in adding him to their premier season.”
    Yeah, ssssuuuuuuuurrrre. Unless Pacman decides *he* would *like* to join the UFL- in which case they’ll trip over their own feet to get him onto a team.
    Puh-lease- does a fledgling, attention-starved sports league who would consider *any* NFL player, let alone a “name” one, absolute gold, really think that we don’t know how this works?

  4. According to Eagirls homers, taking a chance on a guy with issues proved how pathetic the Cowboys were.
    And as far as the Packers are concerned… who gives a shit, they’re a 6-10 team that can’t cover the likes of Miles Austin.

  5. actually jimmysmith, he played pretty well. he is just that big of a dickhead that nobody wants anything to do with this guy. he is pretty much lawrence phillips, and if anyone is interested, google lawrence phillips and see what he is up to. all the talent, no brains. the worst part about taco bills picture is that the only part that is photoshopped is the bullwinkle hat. nice suit, pacman-douchebag.

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