Usama Young gets busted

At a time when player arrests are (sort of) decreasing, plenty NFL athletes still find themselves riding in the back seat of a car with no door handles or window buttons.

The latest?  Saints safety Usama Young was arrested Monday for reckless operation of a motor vehicle and flight from an officer using a motor vehicle.

“They got behind him, they put on the lights and sirens and he went about a half-mile before he pulled over,” Harahan, Louisiana police chief Peter Dale told the New Orleans Times-Picayune regarding the flight charge.  “He didn’t give them any trouble.  He was cooperative.”

Young also was booked on a “municipal traffic attachment,” which arises from a December 18 ticket for parking in a handicapped parking space.

Young was released from jail after posting $7,500 bond. 

The third-year defender appeared in 15 games last season, starting two of them.  He is currently listed as the second-string free safety, behind Darren Sharper.

17 responses to “Usama Young gets busted

  1. “…NFL athletes still find themselves riding in the back seat of a car with no door handles or window buttons.”
    And the seat smells like pee. It always smells like pee. How do I know? Mind your own goddamn business. That’s how.
    Thanks, Dominic Rhodes

  2. Whoa. A whole half mile?
    Lawyer (or should I say, “Flawyer-o”):
    “Your honor, my client simply didn’t see or hear the officer behind him until immediately before he stopped–he was too busy jamming out to “It’s Raining Men” on his $4000 kicker-box and thinking about the 17,000 other first names he’d rather have…”
    That’d be MY lie, anyway.
    (Of course–despite plenty of public testaments to the contrary both here and elsewhere–I’m not a TURD, either).

  3. Harahan is notorious for overbearing and racist cops – got 2 of my 3 lifetime tickets there even though I’ve probably only done about .0005% of my lifetime driving there.

  4. Pshhh so what, the NFL lets serial dog murderers play so I’m sure a traffic violation wont stop him.

  5. an NFL player parking in a handicapped spot….shameful
    hey florio, an idea, whenever someone types in the letters NFL the shield should come up rather than the letters……giddyup!

  6. Oh man, going by the right-wing logic in this country… Usama = Osama! He must be a Hams terrorist sleeper agent intent on killing our grandmothers and setting up death panels!

  7. I assume that the handicapped parking incident occurred at the mall and that a group of angry shoppers trashed his car.

  8. The fact that he is second string to Darren Sharper is all you need to know, he will be out of the NFL next year along with “Too Slow” Sharper.

  9. He got arrested in Harahan, it means nothing. The Harrahn PD will arrest you for walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk, unless they’re to busy writing tickets for 1mph over, which they do on a regular basis as well. The fact that he was speeding in Harahan does not speak to his intelligence however. Most ration people around here avoid Harahan at all costs, especially those who aren’t caucasian.

  10. Profiling or not on the second stop, any loser that parks in a handicapped space should be treated like crap and deserves no sympathy.

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